Social Media Scams (Facebook, Twitter...)

Scams are very present on social networks, this is explained by the large population that frequents them on the one hand but also by the ease with which they are distributed : indeed, they are unfortunately regularly relayed.

For this reason, social networks are privileged relays for all types of scams : Loan scams, romance scams and many others...

The particularity of social networks is essentially the anonymity of its members, so it is common for fake profiles to broadcast fraudulent messages (adware, quizzes…).

To report scams or fake profiles, just fill in this form.

Last reported scams

Amihan Loan Solutions 11/17/2023... They will ask for your personal details just like the legitimate lending companies and will mention about an assurance fee that you should pay just to make sure that you have the capability to pay the amount that you will be borrowing. Then after paying the as Snkrwarwhouse mnl 11/16/2023... Comment / Review: Please chexk the website. I need to have their email and num to contact them directly. Scam contents: They are a shoe business from instagram with a lot of followers. I have placed this order last oct 26 up to this day i havent received respo Sofia cuevas 11/16/2023... Procura ser un criadero para Schnauzer miniature y los vende por 900$. Ya cuando le pagué los 900$ empieza a poner cualquier cosa de excusa para pagarle más por cosas extras que no tiene sentido. 11/16/2023... Comment / Review: The ad on Instagram is misleading and pretends to be another company.. Scam contents: A fraudulent/misleading ad on Instagram promises free flight tickets you could win in a raffle and then it turns out to be a scam. They advertise FlySafair
+27648650118 LG 11/16/2023... This Guy is a scammer he goes on Facebook marketplace and check who is selling what and if you leave your number on any comment to buy something he Whatsapp you and pretend he is the person selling the goods. MTF 11/15/2023... Comment / Review: i paid and i got stooped nothing was delivered and there is no way to contact them its all phoney. Scam contents: advertising clothing at low prices on facebook
Jcp usa&ca 11/15/2023... I made 3 different orders 2 on November 6 for $36.65 and $36.03 and 1 on November 9 for $20.03 of clothing items. I went to cancel and there was no way of getting back in touch with them.
Macy's 11/15/2023... Comment / Review: This is a BIG scam. Pretending to be Macy's!. Scam contents: They were selling UGG claiming they were close out for Macy's. The price was 29.99. It took me to checkout like I was purchasing them from them. I paid with card. Said they wou
8772153369 LE CREUSET & TRISHA YEARWOOD (7 comments) 11/15/2023... Comment / Review: I feel absolutely stupid for thinking that since it was Trisha Yearwood it would be ok. Scam contents: The deal showed up on either Facebook or Instagram. It says for only shipping (about $9.95) you will receive a set of Le Creuset cookware. Alcohol 11/15/2023... Comment / Review: Has My Email and Name and address. Scam contents: $19.00 bottles. SUSPECTED SCAM!
charm dazzle company (3 comments) 11/14/2023... Comment / Review: Scam running ads on Facebook . Scam contents: Big lots ad. SUSPECTED SCAM! Sharon Coetsee 11/14/2023... Comment / Review - I am almost R 40k in a loss due to this scam and want to urge people to be careful, and that this cyber identify theft and scamming must stop. I can see my money but I can't withdraw it from the trading account. Makes me fuming that people t +40720372235 Corporatemo top (1 comment) 11/14/2023...
Lbedak Store 11/14/2023... Comment / Review: Scam contents: MIQIKO CINETIC MOLECULAR HEATHER. SUSPECTED SCAM! Kisscici 11/13/2023... Comment / Review: you can track your package, then they tell you it has arrived.. Scam contents: Selling clothes on website and on facebook Comes from China. SUSPECTED SCAM! Amazon pallets 11/13/2023... Ordered 2 mega pallets . Should have been 160 plus product's. Received fake ipods and fake nano mister. 158 items short . DO NOT ORDER FROM WHAT IS ADVERTISED AS * AMAZON PALLETS* They tell you it ships from UK. USA depots. It actually cones ftom CH 0780672483 11/13/2023... Sois unos estafadores engañan a la gente con inscripciónes de concursos ofrecen cheques y luego que te apuntas a los concursos empiezan a cobrar importes de 60 70 euros diarios mal partidos
+233507237111 companyEstimado miembro 11/13/2023... Comment / Review: It is Scam, they wanted to even apply for a loan for me. . Scam contents: They took my money and ever gave it back still I finished with the tasks. Purplin (1 comment) 11/13/2023... Comment / Review: Selling $500 litter boxes for $39 claiming Amazon is clearing their warehouses.. Scam contents: On IG at Knotsnails +639279693412 @pnchthn 11/12/2023... Comment / Review: Paying her order in tiktok shop using my gcash She used my gcash account to oay her online shopping in tiktok. Scam contents: She used my gcash account for paying her orders in tiktok 11/11/2023... Comment / Review: Needs to be stopped . Scam contents: Taking sums of money from my account . SUSPECTED SCAM! (2 comments) 11/11/2023... Comment / Review: I dont know what to do. Scam contents: Im getting debited from this company and to my knowledge didnt sign up with them. SUSPECTED SCAM! +12542492894 11/10/2023... Comment / Review: Do not order . Scam contents: Infinity game table. SUSPECTED SCAM! TUJJU 11/10/2023... Comment / Review: See above. Scam contents: Facebook is running adds for this company advertising cheap women's clothes (originally, now advertising tactical clothing). I accessed their link and purchased some clothes. They sent a tracking number and appea
Xps.customercare-vip 11/09/2023... Comment / Review: La page La Redoute est très bien faite. Plus que vraisemblable. . Scam contents: Site de soldes La Redoute Vente en solde de vêtements, chaussures... Knotsnails 11/09/2023... Comment / Review: The dresser never turned up? . Scam contents: Jewlify Multifunctional dresser. SUSPECTED SCAM! Cutie083 (telegram)/Prtyfia1(instagram) 11/09/2023... Comment / Review: Then ask me money for not posting video . Scam contents: Meet on feeld dating app then chat live via telegram but was a program video with a women and we make nasty stuffs toghether and recorded me 201135220217 11/08/2023... is a scam. Don't ever give your banking details out and i really hope these people will pay for what they're doing, they stole so much money from me and now i have to block my card. I know, stupid me but these scammers are so clever. I worked in It 11/08/2023... Comment / Review: Please stop all scammers . Scam contents: This site scammed me out of almost $200 by advertising products which if you buy you’ll never receive my thing is if people in power know about this how can they still be in operation 11/07/2023... Comment / Review: The ad was a sponsored site on FB - was hard to determine it was a scam. Scam contents: Came through on my FB account as a large, professional ad for a 90% off Gorman excess stock at their warehouse outlet. I put items in my checkout basket Tiffany @co 11/07/2023... Comment / Review: I have reported this to the bank. . Scam contents: On Facebook a Tiffany and co advertisement came up for Black Friday sale. I clicked on link and it looked legitimate. Until I received the emails confirming order. 2 emails received to confi Sports Guru 11/06/2023... Comment / Review: after payment he sends me a message to tell me that he got me. Scam contents: he makes people believe that he gives tickets for sports betting and first you have to pay $100, after payment, he blocks you JCP USA&CA (13 comments) 11/06/2023... I was hoping to get the items that I requested and that I paid for it and now I just want my money back. This is what items that I was buying for my children for Christmas and for a good friend of mine and now I just feel betrayed and I want all $31.96 of my m igwrapped 11/06/2023... igwrapped is an app claims to be offering the ability to recap your yearly instagram activities with your friends, and download your stories and posts. Many users have raised concerns about this app asserting many problems such us, slow downloading speeds,
+12369068915 Black Rock (3 comments) 11/06/2023... Comment / Review: this is SCAM site please report and block this sites. Scam contents: SCMERs using WhatsApp and telegram channel and instergram for doing this scam. 8884401091 11/06/2023... 11/5 Received a notice on my computer and it said to call the above # and it lead me to the above website. They were very thorough and seemed interested to the tune of $399 for 1 year! Can't believe I fell for it; what was I thinking (or not thinking)! HELP Vickishoop 11/05/2023... Comment / Review: All lies! They say they have sent your package but its never received. Tracking numbers dont match up. They refuse to give a refund too!. Scam contents: At Vickishoop, we are passionate about providing you with a curated selection of stylish
Advertisement false 11/04/2023... Comment / Review: Try and stop them . Scam contents: Congratulations: Dear Miss T Rus we are pleased to confirm your request for your SmartMoney was successful. Please note that we have accepted your application based on the information stated below. Log
+639850381633 09850381633 11/04/2023... Comment / Review: I want to teach that seller a lesson. I also want her to give back my money because I work hard just to pay her and then she will just scam me.
Twitter (2 comments) 11/03/2023... Comment / Review: They are asking deposit bitcoin. Scam contents: Pls check. SUSPECTED SCAM! Jerry (1 comment) 11/03/2023... Comment / Review: A malicious scammer claiming to be a programming expert And this is his wallet bc1qe7da7xc53etztwk24gtvu3xe9gk6uc357mwn34e7xt6aukw3jgqsjqq0fk 11/02/2023... Comment / Review: Scamming people for sidegig such as Instagram, tiktok and WhatsApp following and liking without paying . Scam contents: Instagram, tiktok and WhatsApp following and liking of photos and videos +447477398770 Sunnice media limited (7 comments) 11/02/2023... Comment / Review: Ordered parcel & delivery never arrived . Scam contents: Was meant to be cheaper advent calenders than in shops. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Sunnice media London 11/02/2023... Comment / Review: Ordered on October 12 2023 I haven’t heard anything from them. They did take $39.99 from my account. MP. Scam contents: My order either contained cosmetics or clothing. Sorry I can’t remember as I have had 2other scams. MP 11/02/2023... Comment / Review: They wildraw amounts from my accounts. Furthermore they are using my debit card details . Scam contents: They wildraw 266 aed from my account 11/02/2023... Comment / Review: GameStop is offering you the opportunity to purchase a PlayStation 5 showcase samples that have been used at trade shows or in our store for just $2‼️ ROARINGTIDE 11/01/2023... Comment / Review: How can I get the$ 45.98 they stole from my checking account ?. Scam contents: selling mobility walker gave fraudulent tracking number ofAS848704515CN stealing $ 45.98 out of my checking account
+2347080131988 Nigerian Financial Corporation, Inc. 11/01/2023... Comment / Review: Investment Scammers/ Wealth Scammer. Scam contents: Investment scheme. More evidence can be sent through mail.. SUSPECTED SCAM! alereen 10/31/2023... Alereen is selling supposedly Coldwater Creek coats for 4.99 and 5.99. The actual Coldwater Creek website only has 20% off on some things. Anyway this is another scam on fb. Too good to be true…