Lottery scams

Lottery scams are intended to make the victims believe they are the winners of a lottery of up to several million dollars. In the majority of cases, these are broadcast by email and they impersonate big companies like Microsoft... To recover the sum of money, fees are charged by the scammer.

To report a lottery scam received by email, use the reporting form intended for this purpose.

Last reported scams +27733347688 Tamara Albert (5 comments) 03/24/2021... Comment / Review: I did not enter any lotteries. For that reason this must be a scam. Scam contents: Congratulations!!!  Your EMAIL has won you R500,000.00 in V W CAR 2021 promo. for Payment contact Tamara Albert on 0733347688 or Email: claimagent2022@gmail. +254774019533 Joseph & Susan Dixon (2 comments) 03/22/2021... Comment / Review: I don't beleive any email for about this, If they realy wont to give me some money they can did by bank transfer for international transfer. Scam contents: Welcome to National Capital Bank Kenya, We have instructions from Joseph & Susan Dixon +74955801111 CryptoLisak 03/22/2021... Comment / Review: A very elaborate scam, stay away from Russians !!. Scam contents: Lottery - cryptocurrency - credit card info - email and passwords - fake website - could have done better - but they are not the master players Joseph and Susan Dixon (21 comments) 03/17/2021... Comment / Review: scumm. Scam contents: My wife and I won the Mega Millions jackpot for * million USD on * and we have voluntarily decided to donate the amount of *M USD for charity, we are trying to reach random people from various sources and fashions to tou (1 comment) 03/14/2021... also leads to the same place. Neither website has been around long but the chatbox is full of people saying they've been trading there for years.
Fundrizzle 03/10/2021... Comment / Review: This was a supposed competition and asked to pay £1 for postage. Although, £1 taken no package ever arrived. Scam contents: Competition but no prizes awarded
Tesla (14 comments) 02/11/2021... Comment / Review: I do not trust this site.. Scam contents: I got a message on Discord from someone saying I had won BTC if I would sign up for an account with - seems very scammy!!! Mr.James Hodges 01/09/2021... If you sent money to this scammer,please post the payment details the scammer asked you to use in the comment section so it can be turned over to the authorities,you must also file a complaint,very important. Please read below... If you send money to this s 01/08/2021... Comment / Review: I fell for the scam I send me I'd number ND phone number. Scam contents: The scammer use Ana Maria Menendez information send me a license of Ana Maria Menendez of her work 304088005 Andrew Roberts (9 comments) 01/06/2021... ezt írta (időpont: 2021. jan. 2., Szo, 7:39) Andrew Roberts ügyfélszolgálati osztály támogatása @ GreenCardorganization. com 1-888-672-24-38 https: // greencardorganization. com
+35722000264 vodafone page (1 comment) 12/28/2020... After i fill up the form in order to recieve the mobile phone they told me i won , they stole money from my bank account. The form its on the vodafone official site or looks like one.
+35351550019 Budget Check (1 comment) 12/27/2020... Comment / Review: I do not wish to have ANY money taken from my bank account.. Scam contents: What is Budget Check is an online personal finance planner that allows you to organize your finances. Just import your data manually and you will b
Lee-kelly (2 comments) 12/26/2020... Comment / Review: I was phishing money by them. . Scam contents: lottery scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 12/14/2020... Comment / Review: I just want them to not take any money from me . Scam contents: I got an email of my bank account saying taking $77.10 from me in which i never applied for. 11/20/2020... Return-Path: Received: from mwinf5c65 (mwinf5c65 []) by mwinb2m06 with LMTPA; Fri, 20 Nov 2020 18:23:47 +0100 X-Sieve: CMU Sieve 2.3 Received: from ([]) by mwinf5c65 with M 11/19/2020... I started gramfree in august and making progress in it and suddenly i see that my account is restricted. I cant remember engaging in any fraudulent activity. I have registered over 20 referrals and this just happened. Please assist in recovering my acco
elsie crisman 10/26/2020... Comment / Review: She pretend that she is public relation to usafis and need to help me get us visa .. Scam contents: Elsie Crisman Public Relations USAFIS Organization Website: +441242650487 Dagameheros (4 comments) 10/03/2020... Comment / Review: I was one of the fools I said I would never be. I was greedy for a new phone, and now I am caught up in a scam that I don't know how to stop.. Scam contents: Google Chrome announced that I could win an I Phone, by just paying the transport co
0788133620 Uk49 source (1 comment) 09/19/2020... Comment / Review: I need my 2000 rands back. I am from south Africa.. Scam contents: He promice to give people lotto numbers . he requires you to pay 2000 rands and after that, he will keep on asking money before he gives you numbers. He will never give you n
Superlotto"6/45" (3 comments) 09/17/2020... Comment / Review: Would like my money back. Scam contents: Free tickets and payment for release funds. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+441792720625 09/11/2020... Comment / Review: I'm not certain this is a fraud but anyway I wanted to tell this to someone else. . Scam contents: They send to you a message, from Amazon, that tells you were One of ten winners of the week. Then says you won an iphone 11. The asks your ID a 09/09/2020... Comment / Review: Didn't send money.. Scam contents: Did not send money, they offered 11,000$ like they did to everyone else.. SUSPECTED SCAM! (10 comments) 09/04/2020... First I was sent a message on discord saying how lucky I was for winning bitcoin, then on the website when you try to withdraw your funds they require a deposit of 0.03BTC which is a crazy amount. No legit website would require you to do so. Website is very +13852735282 Verizon wireless NIKEY 08/21/2020... This supplier stung me after I sent him $ 300 for a metal detector .. and told me listen you have to pay another $ 300 for us to send you 2 units! I refused and he pressed hard! I paid a total of $ 600 and thought it was over and he would send me the package b +16467518684 Good Advise (7 comments) 08/19/2020... Comment / Review: Have been telephoned twice by the number. Once the individual sounded Indian, and today the individual sounded American.. Scam contents: Hi Wayne, The Diversity Visa Program DV-2020 The Diversity Visa Program – also known as the Gre (4 comments) 08/18/2020... Comment / Review: As soon as I said it is a scam he pressed the phone dead.. Scam contents: Contacted me today regarding winnings that I need to claim. Said i must play 1 month of littery to be eligible to claim my prize that I "won". They wanted personal deta Superlotto first national lottery (2 comments) 08/15/2020... Comment / Review: Fraud. Scam contents: Free lotto ticket. Lets you play lotto then let you win. To claim winnings they require you to pay through cospay a lot of things like registration fee, security check fee etc. +35924374210 08/14/2020... Comment / Review: Ga niet in op voorstellen van aankopen van gsm toestellen!!!!!. Scam contents: Meegedaan om gsm toestel te kopen voor 1,95 euro en betaald met creditcard van ING Bank. Na 3 dagen terug betaling uitgevoerd van 69.95 euro zonder dat ik het
Super Lotto first national lottery (33 comments) 07/31/2020... Comment / Review: I would be pleased if you help me to get my money back. Scam contents: Free lottery ticket worth $11735 by First national lottery. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 07/27/2020... Code source : Return-Path: Received: from ([]) by with LMTP id wEy4CGkwHl/2BgAAQkyOOg ; Mon, 27 Jul 2020 03:39:53 +0200 Received: from opme11ppr04nd1.rouen.francetel 0638529113 Perry 07/11/2020... Comment / Review: I think this people want to use my names in some money making schemes and put me in trouble. I am a student . Scam contents: I received an sms from the above number saying I won a million from IRFB and I have to email perry for more info. I d (2 comments) 07/09/2020... Comment / Review: I got this survey a few days ago and i paid for it. Im sure i got scammed by the same person.. Scam contents: Giving a lottery that i don’t know about and saying that my parcel are still in terminal and i needed to pay for it. (10 comments) 06/29/2020... Comment / Review: I had hopes up thinking i would get 800$+. Scam contents: The website “pays” us from referalls to their website and makes us do surveys and download apps thinking we’re getting money, i redeemed 800$ and did not receive it.
Elsie Crisman (26 comments) 06/20/2020... Comment / Review: This is a scam?. Scam contents: Selina, Hello! My name is Elsie and I am a public relations agent here at USAFIS. I have personally reviewed the details, which you have filled in on our website during the registration, and I have some g +447723567146 (11 comments) 06/20/2020... They took without any right 50e from my card. They are introducing like A1 took all my details and card nuber automatically. And thay booked on my credit card 50e. They didn't answer when i called yesterday and didn't responed to my emails. Today thay did it a 69333333 (2 comments) 06/20/2020... Comment / Review: They are fraudulent,I got into it only to discover that their activities are highly suspicious,not just me, everyone else I know who has tried withdrawing
+60128653392 (1 comment) 06/13/2020... Comment / Review: Tolong tangkap scemmer tak guna ini. Scam contents: RM0.00 Congratulations to you because your number Boost (0111-699-xxxx )goes to our first 8 lucky winners who wonRM8,888! please or see here https://myboost-ewallet-shake-and-winner.webs.c 06/03/2020... Comment / Review: dose this mean i have been scamed all m'i safe? .....this kind of foolishness has to stop though the internet was safe but i geuss not. Scam contents: i received an email saying i had a ticket to play and i played it and it said i had won $ 308803351 Sally, Customer Service (2 comments) 05/22/2020... Comment / Review: low blow just cant trust internet no more or ever feeling cheated.. Scam contents: au post tracking just neede to pay 3.25 for shipping new iphone xpro. Gave credit card details now not so good. +442039661694 żaden 05/21/2020... Comment / Review: Kazano mi zapłacić 1,95 euro tylko za przesłanie ifona. Zapłaciłem tą kwotę,podając numer swojej karty płatniczej.. Scam contents: Skradziono mi 65,85 EURO z mojego konta za ifona, którego nie otrzymałem i ma to być jednocześnie +442039661694 none (6 comments) 05/17/2020... Comment / Review: only after ordering and giving credit card numbers you get info about the fact it is subscription for over 65 euro/monthly. . Scam contents: Das neue iPhone 11Pro for 1,95 euro. Alle Neukunden nehmen an der Verlosung für das gezeigte Ka MR.WILLIAM BEN (1 comment) 05/15/2020... Use BOTH Bing and Google to search email addresses and phone numbers so you will not get ripped off. Never use Money Gram, Western Union, Ria to send a fee to strangers. Never buy an i-tunes card, Amazon card steam wallet giftcard(s) or any gift cards to se (7 comments) 05/13/2020... I am not sure ,but if they are scammers, it's so dangerous because of their perfection. I don't remember last time I introduce for lottery.. They really could scam people through web, please help to stop scammers. Mega Millions (6 comments) 04/15/2020... Comment / Review: Scam lotto asking for credit card details. Scam contents: Winning lotto tickets and asking for payments to process. SUSPECTED SCAM! +441484509142 (10 comments) 04/02/2020... Multiple scam sits operated by the same people, they promise iPhones for 2 €, but in reality you are signing up to a 69 € subscription, which is not indicated anywhere. They refused to refund me or cancel my membership, i had to call my bank and cancel +441133204666 (20 comments) 04/02/2020... Comment / Review: Subscription trap scam, sells iPhones for 2 € and a 69 € recurring subscription, stay away massive scam!. Scam contents: Subscription trap scam, sells iPhones for 2 € and a 69 € recurring subscription, stay away massive scam! U.S. Department of State/ Mrs Rose Martins 03/06/2020... I,m not sure ,but if they are fraud, it's so dangerous becouse of thier perfection. I don't remember last time I introduce for lottery ? They really could scame innicent people through web, please help them not to indulge in more material crisis that they alre +989384947080 Mrs Rose Martins, 03/05/2020... Comment / Review: no comment . Scam contents: United States Department of State Kentucky Consular Center 3505 North Highway 25W, Williamsburg KY 40769 USA March 5, 2020 Case Number: WAC2020343588 Dear Laurent Gravier (1 comment) 02/14/2020... It's not the first time I receive fraudulent mail from some email adresses. They go straight to my priority inbox. Seeing the e-mail the only threat I see is downloading or opening the attached picture, as they don't give any link to visit any si Email Prizes 02/11/2020... Support Service is in contact 24/7 You can ask any question of interest to you at this address, or report system errors or failures if they are detected. Thanks! (с) 2010 - 2019 г. EMX License for conduction of prize drawings №537.39/UI Federale U