Job scams

Job scams are about people looking for a job. Whether it's through a driver's job or housekeeper job, the hunting grounds of these scammers are always the same : the classifieds sites

How does this scam work ?

Even if there are several techniques, there is one that comes back regularly : overpayment scam. The scammer sends a stolen check to his victim. This one cash it. Shortly after, he cancels the mission and asks for a partial refund. A few weeks later, the bank informs that the first check was uncovered.

Last reported scams +212691373064 Free recruters 07/06/2022... Comment / Review: They do that in freelancer site they give you work after you finish di don't pay you but they try to still your bank account details . Scam contents: They tell me to send them my bank details to pay me but they didn't +79371103093 jennifer villa (1 comment) 07/05/2022... They will email you about a job from Indeed/others saying "we revied your application and offer you a job." I ignore it a few times with their consistent emailing so I go ahead and give it a try. They will as you to sign a job agreement and sent it back to the David Milton (4 comments) 07/05/2022... I got $175/daily paying job after just submitting resume without any interview. Actually I tried twice and I got two job offers (same email and content) in 10 min span. +14077968493 Pro Eas Assuming 07/02/2022... Follow up email: From: Dalton keithson Date: July 2, 2022 at 08:01:28 MDT To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: Your new job - Part Time Personal Assistant Dear applicant, Thanks for getting back swiftly. I wish to congra Sarah Lim (1 comment) 06/28/2022... Scammer created ad on Craigslist for work to be done for for $250. After work was completed and delivered, scammer changed all passwords to website and didn't pay as agreed.
+447862911772 Maji Amazon recruiter 06/26/2022... Comment / Review: seems fishy to me. Scam contents: wants to like some amazon sides and what you to download safepal . SUSPECTED SCAM! Alternative Media (1 comment) 06/26/2022... Comment / Review: It is clearly a scam consisting of advancing a money fee and identity theft (with ID card copy or scan they ask).. Scam contents: They ask freelancers to translate documents, mostly from International Red Cross and Crescent Movement. They als Martin Stanley (1 comment) 06/26/2022... This originally came from zip recruiter. I don't remember even applying to this job listing. However, the way in which it all played out and I didn't for even become suspicious until the next day. I spent 5 hours on the phone while being interviewed like never 06/23/2022... Comment / Review: Kirox company is a scam company . Scam contents: They reached me over a translation job and sent me a file to translate. When i complete the job, they want my details to send my payment … after that they want from me to pay 150$ as a fee â€ (2 comments) 06/22/2022... I warn you for malicious links sent via email and don't ever open it. It has access to your bank account and anything consisting money in it. I still don't know if the scammer still has access to my accounts, so I hope for a suggestion on how to fix this from
+639530623437 Amazon, Business Account, call center agent (1 comment) 06/21/2022... Comment / Review: Scam. Scam contents: Part time/full time employee, online job, 5,000-10,000 salary per day after finished task, withdraw money/salary and commissions within 5 mins, Amazon, Shoppee, E-bay, shop 7899
+44739129662 Amazon job , telegram, amigo app (51 comments) 06/20/2022... They are all scammers, do not fall into their trap They will take your hard earned money and you can never get it back!! Please please be cautious I lost more than $2k 😭😭
+19376121820 06/18/2022... I was texted on Monday June 13, 2022 at 10:59am through the above number by Carol Minguez who said she was an HR personnel at American Specialty Health regarding my job application for the position of virtual wellness coordinator. We had the interview on Micro Charles russo (1 comment) 06/11/2022... Comment / Review: Kindly take a legal action against these scammers.. Scam contents: Scammer offers data entry work with high salary and offers the employment letter of big companies. Without the sign and stamp of the company of course! Promises that no exp
+84375604583 Aaron Howard 06/10/2022... This type of scam tries to make you believe you're hired for a very easy and profitable job. It requires you to transfer some money (usually to local accounts) and you will get it back with a bonus afterwards (but of course you actually won't.)
Amazon tasking (1 comment) 06/10/2022... Comment / Review: Be very very vigilant.... These people. Scam contents: to CHANGING their URL... +14383170303 Lormay investment inc. 06/09/2022... they contact you on LinkedIn with fake account named EMILIO CALABR, offer you a position and then guide to their Fake HR manager named MR.Brown that proceeds with interviews and make feel accepted and then they ask money for visa fees Mark Bayan (1 comment) 06/09/2022... Comment / Review: This seems legitimate so anyone who gets caught up in anything like this, be skeptical. Thank god I was . Scam contents: Apparently the CEO of Appen Inc. is interviewing me right now. Asking me what bank I use, what my cell phone carrier is, ABDULLAH MOHAMMED (1 comment) 06/06/2022... Comment / Review: job scam. Scam contents: Dear Abdelazeem Tayseer Ghabboun, Greetings from MANSOLIC OIL AND CONSTRUCTION GROUP ABU DHABI, we are excited to bring you on board as our team. Please take your time to review our job offer letter in ENG. ABDULLAH MOHAMMED (1 comment) 06/02/2022... This can only be a job scam. Why would they ask me to answer their question if they have reviewed my CV? What is the post they want me for? How can I give a salary expectation if I don't know the job? Their website looks good at first sight, but there is no
+13605036744 06/02/2022... Comment / Review: Impersonating the Unemployment Offices for the State of Indiana. Scam contents: Indiana WorkOne has Approved $8,794.00 to your Claim.Please go to process payment. +19089488872 Doc Sandra White (5 comments) 06/02/2022... This felt like a scam from the beginning, and I've been responding just to see how far this person will go. There was another scam I was exposed to that focused on interior designers and architects in 2020 - seemed "too good to be true". This one isn't "too g +639661548178 Gretchen Bernardo 06/01/2022... Comment / Review: Be mindful guys! Ingat!. Scam contents: First, Magpapakilala sila mula sa Teleperformance Company. They will accept you easily then they will ask you to creat a verified gcash account with 100 pesos balance. After you email back your screensh ENG. ABDULLAH MOHAMMED / HR DIRECTOR (1 comment) 05/31/2022... Bonjour, Je pense avoir été victime d'une offre d'emploi frauduleuse mais extrêmement bien étudiée, et ce après un échange officiel par email avec un Directeur des Ressources Humaines (ou pas). Mais pas d'interviews, pas de job despcription - ce que j' +971586759524 MANSOLIC OIL AND CONSTRUCT GROUP ABU DHABI/ENG. ABDULLAH MOHAMMED (3 comments) 05/30/2022... This is absolutely a job spam, too good to be true. Never being interviewed, never was contacted or talked directly. Look for prominent RED LIGHTS: 1. First and last name in Arabic do not work like the name person claimed to be: viz. Abdullah is the Prophet Teleperformance 05/29/2022... Comment / Review: They asked me to have a 100 pesos in my gcash to fully activate my account. Scam contents: CALL CENTER AGENT PURE TAGALOG Upon checking in our system, it seems like you are perfectly fit for the position, kindly open the link below on your
Romi Rain 05/25/2022... Comment / Review: Someone in a Facebook group I'm in linked it and I'm hyperaware of scams, so I immediately knew. Just did some minor digging and I was right.. Scam contents: (Saw this in a Facebook post:) ★No experience needed ★Free training ★Work
+233558234679 (1 comment) 05/23/2022... Comment / Review: Whatsapp messages to random people claiming "Work from home" scam for unrealistic amounts. Website is non existent, company name doesnt exist. Total Scam
+447747194081 Online job 05/22/2022... Job scam that clearly phishing and wants to attract the victim into giving up vital information, in order to, take the persons hard earned pay check. It is a job offer that is to good to be true.
@Michael_Jho, @Natha_1107, @Sims_Mentor 05/20/2022... After they put me what they call a lucky user then they told me to top up the same amount that I have on their platform in order to withdraw now more than 2k dollars is trapped I can't withdraw it anymore. The customer service is ignoring me they literally cha Karen Spedaliere (3 comments) 05/20/2022... I never applied for this position, however as a job seeker, I thought perhaps this one slipped my memory. The entire interview was conducted via skype, no camera all chatting and they gave some made up reason. They had me answe questions and do it quickly.
+639266571210 Amazon 05/15/2022... Got into this company through a txt invite and they added me on telegram and whats up. They are instructing you top up so you can get your commissions. But you can't unless you still have orders left in your account. What happened to me, was everytime I'm tryi
+16176185983 Matt Smith 05/13/2022... Now the check thing bothered me, so I asked a few people about it. Then I went to my bank and explained the situation, and immediately the customer service rep says fraud. Reason being that once you deposit the check Matt or whoever it is will cash it, and y
+17812535809 Baystate Financial 05/12/2022... Comment / Review: I learned not to put my zip code in my resume :/. Scam contents: false job offer. SUSPECTED SCAM! +971526024849 SHEIKH MUSSAFAH OIL & GAS GROUP 05/09/2022... Several problems with this scam: - Choice of an office location that does not have Street View - When searching that full company name in Google, only one website comes up from the entire internet; their own webpage! - When asking them for details of othe +27732546564 MR ASHLEY BURKE 05/07/2022... Comment / Review: Please do not fall for this, they seem to target whatever area your CV shows you are in. Anything Asking you to pay for a job does not make sense.
+27740979066 Amazone Part Time Job - Jennifer Mlambo (2 comments) 05/07/2022... Comment / Review: I have checked online and found the previous article regarding Amazon part-time online jobs. . Scam contents: Okay, we are an Amazon subsidiary and your job is to help (Amazon) merchants improve their sales data and product rankings. About 3
Mark Brayan 05/06/2022... Comment / Review: I did not send them this info but did contact the company and they said the company only works through email. Not apps. . Scam contents: Asks for your password and username to your credit card. Says they will pay you for programs to install o (1 comment) 05/06/2022... They are a company like a gang. They ask translators to work freelance for them promising thta they will play later, After you did the required job, you won't receive any payments at all. Big scammers... (1 comment) 05/05/2022... Comment / Review: Received this through text message. Scam contents: Salut! Vous avez été sélectionné pour un emploi à temps partiel/à temps plein. Salaire journalier 50 Euro - 200 Euro, doit avoir plus de 24 ans Ajouter pour recevoir des emplois WhatsAp
+639667725293 Agent / Instructor 05/05/2022... Work from home or a part time job offer They want you to get your attention at first and so on so forth. Please have an urgent action for this before they get more people to encounter this kind of scam +971528138920 ENG. ROBERT CARLOS / HR DIRECTOR (5 comments) 05/05/2022... Comment / Review: It's a scam trial, don't give any information, . Scam contents: Dear XXXX Greetings from SHEIKH MUSSAFAH OIL AND GAS GROUP ABU DHABI, we are excited to bring you on board as our team. Please take your time to review our job offer lett
+60147177515 Shopee online admin 05/04/2022... Comment / Review: They cheating arround saying looking for admin. Scam contents: Shopee online admin. SUSPECTED SCAM! +441414297000 Larson A. McDaniel's 05/04/2022... Offer quite lucrative but the silly thing is I had a hard time getting job on my home country, suddenly this guy want to give me a damn job placement for me without i even apply I never recalled applying to this position. This job is outside of my home coun
+639975302686 Raisalina 05/03/2022... Comment / Review: Please take action on this. . Scam contents: Offering a part-time job. Asking to recharge in order to pay orders on Amazon but ended up asking for more money in order to withdraw my salary. +16042296435 Carlie Kane 05/02/2022... Comment / Review: Be aware. Scam contents: Providing a job offer to support with customer payments Remained in contact from March 28-April 30 then all communication was deleted from telegram app. I have saved messages and emails +639458254473 04/28/2022... Comment / Review: please help me bring back the money ive spend on this scam. Scam contents: they are requesting money. they threatened me that my money will be lost if i will not finished the task.. 04/28/2022... Comment / Review: Very dangerous for people who would like travel and get work . Scam contents: Provided Jobs opportunities around the globe for free accommodation, rooms and apartments available without payment
N/A 04/28/2022... Comment / Review: They are truly a scammer from Cambodia. Scam contents: The site pretends to be a legit online job company. They make people recharge.. SUSPECTED SCAM! +37258324786 Bryan (1 comment) 04/28/2022... Comment / Review: I want to get my salary. . Scam contents: I have a project in I applied to this guy and gave me the project. Then after finishing the project, they will now pay me with the said offer, $2000, they email me the details on how will