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Scam contentsOn Facebook they advertised Raised Self Watering Planter Boxes
Comment / ReviewI ordered 2 of the planter boxes. They delivered a pair of sunglasses. All of their "support" links just come to THIS site about it being a scam.

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      • Tim 04/28/2023 at 07:27 AM

        This exact scenario happened to us recently. :(

      • P. 05/03/2023 at 04:32 PM is scam. Don’t buy from this website. The self-watered planter box that they sell is scam and don’t fall for the low price.

      • Hope 05/05/2023 at 01:57 PM

        I fell for an ad for a battery operated chain saw. I ordered two and received two links of chain with handles. I wondered where to put the batteries. If it sounds too good to be true...

      • Report #642375 05/06/2023 at 12:51 PM

        Planter box with trellis size 96" long and 24" wide from Costco.
        I never received confirmation per email as stated that my order was complete. I even go a Order number #33847. I called credit card and was told there is a pending charge to a coin place. It appears other people have reported this as a scam.
        It also said Sponsored by Costco Wholesale.

        Pseudonym : Planterbeds wholesale
        Telephone : +18594663365

      • Report #643716 05/10/2023 at 11:35 AM

        raised gardens:
        Order Confirmation 202304262245599971228010000
        Apr 26, 2023, 9:48 AM
        to me
        Dear Dennis Lawyer,
        Your purchase of the ?Self-Watering Eco-Stained Elevated 2'x8' Planter Box with Arch Trellis from has been confirmed, and the transaction will appear as - on . Your order number is 202304262245599971228010000.
        To view your order details, track your package, or contact the merchant, p...
        Scam. Did not receive anything from them, but they took my payment of $94.96

        Fraudulent email :
        Pseudonym :

      • Nana 05/10/2023 at 06:27 PM

        They have made as if they are selling through Costco.

      • Shawn 05/14/2023 at 03:54 PM

        I ordered the planter box and got sunglasses. Trying to return now

      • Sonia Bergevin 05/21/2023 at 09:02 PM

        I am a victim too, got the sunglasses instead of the planters. They are trying to convince me either to keep the glasses or to get at most 30% refund, refused to get me the planter or to give me a full refund and i am pretty sure i would not receive the 30% refund anyway. I have worned my credit card provider and facebook where i saw the advertisement.

      • David 05/21/2023 at 10:24 PM

        Yes, i ordered 3 planter boxes to get shipping paid and I thought i was buying through Costco. I even used my Costco credit card….

      • mrsmcnic 05/22/2023 at 06:06 AM

        Ordered planter boxes abs received a cheap pair of sunglasses. Absolute scam.

      • Peanut 05/24/2023 at 10:51 AM

        I ordered 2 planter boxes and have not received anything yet. I emailed the company and they said it is on its way. They charged my credit card. Yes they do make it sound like it is Costco,

      • Report #656135 06/15/2023 at 03:33 PM

        I purchased four planter boxes and did not receive them.
        I purchased 4 planter boxes with arch trellis. email showed they were delivered to my address and left with an individual at my address. I and my wife are the only ones who live at this address and neither one of us received the packages they said were delivered at 1734pm on 5/12/23.

        Pseudonym :

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