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Telephone+44 7838 551075 (ou 00447838551075)
Scam contentsI was looking for part time jobs and I came across a job advertisements in Facebook group called "London Jobs" and I contacted them, they said it a travel holidays reviews work we just have to give ratings, om first day she gave me training and asked me to create a account and do it, so basically I have to do 40 reviews then I can withdraw commission, and in between randomly we have to pay them money to complete those 40 (When they ask and it is compulsory). So on first day they gave me bank account details to pay £10 and I received around £70, on second day they asked me to transfer in USDT, that day they asked me 3 recharges one is 65 USDT , then 150 then 250 and I received 497, third day I was not willing to do it but that lady said if I fall short of money she would pay me for recharge so I started to do those 40 reviews on 3rd day first recharge was 539USDT, 2nd 1147USDT, 3rd 2600USDT, 4th 3738USDT, and 5th 2892 out of which I have done only 893USDT because of short of money and that lady doesn't help as she said before in that she help, if I have to with draw money I have to finish all 40 reviews which and I have not completed and if I don't finish it by 30th/11/2022 they take all my money which I have deposited as recharge.
Comment / ReviewThey are big scammers and they try to squeeze all your money and when you run out of it then they try to trick you and take all you personal details to make your fake bank account and fake profile.

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      • Vikrant 01/30/2023 at 01:39 PM

        Yes you are right, they don't only squeezed your money but they also asked to borrow money from others to complete the reviews. Moreover, they have some financial company lenders link. Totally scammers.

      • T 04/25/2024 at 05:31 PM

        Yes complete fake job and disgusting deceit!! They lure you oh in with work from your phone and get 150 or more a day! It's so vague and they all say the same nonsense like they have s script! "You're so lucky you got a bonus" what s bonus that gives you negative credit and requires you to risk your own money in order to complete some basic multi choice review?? The worst bit is they're allowed to advertise these scams on real job sites and fool people

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