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Scam contentsSelling Full Function Mini Excavator
Comment / ReviewI tried to purchase a Full Function Mini Excavator last year and still haven't received any item or information on this product then the site came back up so i figured i would find out more info on this & let people know about this company.

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    • Henry 05/02/2023 at 12:38 AM

      I was led to believe that I was buying a 2023 model, Reevo hubless E-Bike. What I finally got delivered, was a tiny little toy sized backpack with a smiley on it. They really had me believe that they are ligit. I corresponded with them on a number of occasions via email. Ordered in late March, and got my package on May 1st, 2023. I seriously wish I could meet these people. But, they will get their reward sooner or later. Nobody gets away with anything, ever. Everything, good and bad, comes back to us sooner or later. I need that bike so bad, to get to work, go to the grocery store, and the laundry mat. Also to visit my kids. I haven't seen them in almost 8 months. And these f***ing people get your hopes up, and even dare to send a toy backpack with a smiley face on it, that is a slap in the face if I ever got one. They will get what they're looking for, one day.

    • Doug 05/23/2023 at 02:21 PM

      Was this a toy instead of a real bike ? I am asking I bought one this from California and have seen it also on Google coming out of a box and being set up in front of a camera etc tracking a etc yours was a toy ahe ? Well I am glad I can get a refund from my cc no questions asked . Waiting to see what I get .....

    • landcrab75 05/31/2023 at 03:00 AM

      Ordered a spokeless bike on 26/4/23 and paid via Barclaycard. Received a dispatch notification but nothing has arrived by 31/5/23. This is a scam

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