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We really hope that you enjoy all of the multimedia entertainment that our site has to offer. The free membership period of 5 days will begin after submitting your credit card details via the secure online form, which is the same moment as you receive this email. At the end of the free membership period, your membership will automatically continue as a paid membership which will charge the monthly amount of 49.95 USD directly to the credit card you provided, unless cancelled. The membership automatically renews every month until you terminate it. Please visit our site for support if you have questions, want to cancel or have comments.

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    • Report #651293 06/02/2023 at 04:13 AM

      Thank you for signing up to FRAAVY! You now have FREE ACCESS to one of the largest collections of online content available anywhere! Unlimited access to sports, movies, music, games, audiobooks and more! ALL FOR FREE!!!
      Discover our service
      We really hope that you enjoy all of the multimedia entertainment that our site has to offer. The free membership period of 5 days will begin after submitting your credit card details via the secure online form, which is the same moment as you receive this...
      After they sign you up, they then tell you it's a 5 day free trial and then you will be charged $49.95 a month. No reply website to cancel your subscription!!

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : ParkMobile-Find parking

      • tnlady 06/02/2023 at 04:47 AM

        I checked with the credit card people and a $1 charge came out of my account tonight from "bythrlif" which is a scam. I froze my card so no other charges can go through. But, there is no info on to go to cancel this scam transaction. Does anybody know how to contact them?

      • Cat 06/27/2023 at 11:46 AM

        Same fraavy scam at Pearl Harbor Visitor's Center parking. Not at all stations, though.

      • Pilo 07/05/2023 at 09:02 PM

        How can I cancel Allofapps

      • Paul 07/10/2023 at 08:58 PM

        I scanned a QR code to get instructions on installing a battery backup to my garage door opener and fraavy popped up. I had wanted to watch a video on installation, so gave them my credit card number.

      • K 07/16/2023 at 04:40 PM

        I have same issue with parkmobile-find parking. Need to cancel this asap...not paying for something I'm not using.

      • Glenda Tapp Hodge 07/16/2023 at 11:59 PM

        The company that charges your credit card will cancel it for you. They have an actual website, email address and phone #. The parkmobile-find is a scam. But they use this other legitimate co to collect the money. Contact the company who collects the money for the scam people. Their name should show up on your card.

      • jerome willis 12/28/2023 at 04:30 PM

        this dogcoat zipper is on the wrong side

    • Mike 06/02/2023 at 11:44 AM

      Posed as a Lyme scooter app download, then had you immediately fill out the credit card info. Beware using the QR code on any scooter DTLA! Had to replace my card, wreaking all sorts of havoc with my auto-pays.

    • spencer Curry 06/03/2023 at 03:25 PM

      scammed me suspose to be able to log into acct. No where to log in

    • vee-vee grant 06/04/2023 at 10:01 AM

      posed as a QR code app for Android phones AKA (Fraavy) told me at the end I would get 5 days of free membership after that I will be charged 49.99 I can unsubscribe after my 5 days but I want to unsubscribe today because that's not what I wanted and I can't get through to no one not the telephone number the support email so I'm looking for help this way because some people have my credit card number I can't afford for these people to steal my little bit of money so here I am looking for support!

      Showing that the QR code app is on my phone
      Showing how is telling me to install it
      Showing what I actually signed up for

    • Anonymous 06/04/2023 at 04:02 PM

      Fraavy AKA Fanjestic hacked the Red Robin QR code for their survey, so you think you are signing up to pay your bill and you enter your card number. Cancelling card now!

    • Maria 06/05/2023 at 04:40 PM

      I got this from my doctor office

      it’s a scam and I cannot figure it out how to cancel it

    • BC 06/06/2023 at 04:43 PM

      Just had my card scammed by a QRcode hijacked before I ever knew of such a thing. I scanned the QRcode on a Simple Truth flyer looking for the RECIPE of a salad displayed. When it came up on my phone it had a green bar across the top that said open and i clicked it. When it opened it had a form to fill out for my Credit Card information. I thought that was really odd! BUT foolishly and filled it in anyway. Then decided I didn't like the feel of the whole thing so went to remove that information only to find out that it was impossible. I immediately drove to my bank and had them take care of it. When they brought up my recent transactions it showed one pending for an EMPEROR...... something or other. They took care of it by reissuing me a new card. But how scary is this scam!

    • DB 06/07/2023 at 08:18 AM

      used a qr code for the temu app and suddenly I'm signed up for this thing. I cant sign into that website tells me my info is incorrect. I noticed in the email from them that the user id was different from what I had used, thinking i was setting up a temu account, so I copied and pasted that into the sign in and still told me invalid info. so will be on my way to the bank to get a new card. its scary that nothing can be done about scammers!!!

    • Aredheadedwench 06/07/2023 at 08:49 AM

      I found a QR code in the instruction manual for my new GE washer in the section on setting up my phone and washer for bluetooth. I clicked on it thinking it would take me to download the app for my phone, but instead it took me to instead.

      This is from the washer's instruction booklet

    • Report #653234 06/07/2023 at 05:39 PM

      First 5 days free then if not cancelled a fee of $49.95 automatically will charge your card. What??
      I never wanted this junk

      • Bamawe 06/07/2023 at 06:05 PM

        This was charged to my capital one credit card when I was setting it up online. Should I call and cancel that card and report the fraud?

    • A. Kirby 06/08/2023 at 08:54 AM

      I scanned a QR code for a Lumos Learning book to access their online content associated with my purchase. I didn't realize it was "Fraavy" and assumed Lumos wanted to verify my payment information to make sure I was the one who purchased the book. I didn't see the content, so I typed the web address from the Lumos book which took me to the correct website. I was suspicious of course and Googled "Fraavy" and came across others with similar scenarios. There was a $1 draft on my bank account. I called my bank immediately and canceled my card. I will absolutely be more vigilant when scanning QR codes from now on. I never realized this could be an issue!

    • D.l. 06/09/2023 at 07:41 AM

      Somehow got linked there when trying to access my ups

      delivery update. Not sure what to do I followed the cancelation step but I'm very doubtful after finding all these comnents.

    • Daisyifyado 06/09/2023 at 04:20 PM

      I scanned the QR Code on the wall of the parking garage at 2nd and Josephine in Denver.

      My phone kinda froze as I was not able to scroll up or down but at the bottom of the screen was a green button that said “Continue”. So that being the only thing that worked, I hit it. I was then asked for my email and a password. Since I had a loaner car from a dealership instead of my normal car, I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t in the system. I typed in my email and looked up the password. I had not created one for the garage from what I could tell, so I put one in the blank. I was then taken to the next page and asked for a credit card number, which I put in, thinking I was setting up an account for the parking garage. The next page took me to hundreds of icons for stuff that was in no way related to parking. I went back out and tried again. This time I was asked for my phone and license plate number and if this was a rental car. At this point, I knew I had been scammed. I called my credit card company after seeing that $1.00 had been taken out of my account by the scammers so I canceled my card. I contacted the parking garage and they went out to check all of the QR Code placards reporting back that they were all OK. So I don’t know how this happened. I’m contacting the CO Attorney General and any other site like this to report the issue. I was able to chat with to cancel the subscription, which was supposedly done. However, I can still sign in, so I have my doubts. The nam... Read more

    • Michael 06/10/2023 at 07:06 AM

      I was scammed while signing up for a Netflix account. I scanned the QR code on the TV and added my information, it was only after i couldn't activate my Netflix account that I investigated further and found this problem. I called the CC company and cancelled my card. I was told there was a $1 charge from for cable tv service at the time. I will certainly be more vigilant in the future.

    • Moi 06/10/2023 at 12:59 PM

      This thursday I used a qr code scanner app to scan something during college orientation and the app redirected me to fanjestic website. I put my card information assuming it was for orientation but the website immediately disappeared and I got no sort of email conformation. Last night I remembered this and looked through my internet history and only saw fraavy, which leads me to assume fanjestic and fraavy are the same. Furthermore, I got a $1 charge from "" which I assume is also fraavy. I went through their customer support and asked them to cancel the subscription and delete my account. They told me I had my subscription cancelled and the $1 would return in a few days, however I'm not at all sure because A. my account still exists and B. the subscription is still listed as active. I'm getting billed on the 13th, so if I see any suspicious activity that day or any day before, I'm immediately getting a new card and cancelling the old one. I hope these scum use their stolen money to buy drugs and overdose and go to hell

    • why7nt06 06/10/2023 at 07:26 PM

      I scanned a QR code at a local store and it brought me to this site and apparently it’s a scam! Looks like this scam is all started with scanning a QR code, someone better fix this issue soon.

    • Joe 06/11/2023 at 01:03 AM

      THIS IS A REAL SCAM! I scanned a QR code for a Schlage lock, a box showed that said I needed to put in a credit card to "verify" who I am, and before I knew it I got this statement from Faavy (or is it Fanjestic or or still another name?): "The free membership period of 5 days will begin after submitting your credit card details via the secure online form." I'll ask my credit card co. to stop this charge, except that I see it can come in under several names. So I may have to cancel & replace the card.

    • Pissed off Idiot 06/13/2023 at 02:06 AM

      I got hit througha QR code for a lab test that I needed to register and pay for. I was expecting to have to create a login and put in my credit card details, so nothing looked off until I finished making the account. I've contacted them through their website to cancel. If I get any payments that are unauthorized, I'll call my bank to dispute them. If that isn't enough, I'll have to change my card number, which is a pain in the ass.

    • Lin 06/13/2023 at 10:16 AM

      I was going to download the Libbey app which is free through public libraries. I wasn't thinking when I put in my credit card number and when I realized I had been scammed. I will check my credit card daily and dispute the charge. They are required to give me a credit for any disputed charges if they can't confirm that the charge is legit. Which won't happen since it is a scam.

    • Brandon 06/13/2023 at 09:17 PM

      I was activating Disney+ on my smart TV, and scanned a QR code. In the QR reader, I had the URL displayed on top for Disney's site, but clicked on the open button. At first I wasn't really paying attention and put in a username/password. Then I let Google autofill the cc info, but didn't submit it. I was reading the stuff about it becoming a $49.99 a month charge after the trial and backed out of that screen without actually submitting my info I hope. I do have two $1 holds on the credit card. One is a Google temporary hold, the other says Google services. I attempted a login on fraavy with the credentials I entered and it didn't work. So I guess I just get to keep an eye out for that $50 charge and see if I have a card to change. Pretty annoying and a reminder to stay vigilant.

    • Ashley 06/17/2023 at 05:47 PM

      We were scammed as well. In Breckinridge, Co we the QR code was supposed to be to pay for a parking spot but it was this scam! I called immediately and no one answered. Today it took three calls but only received an auto generated response. Have to wait until way to cancel online. Ughhh!!!

    • Tanaya 06/22/2023 at 03:28 PM

      I tried to sign my girls up for a summer camp and was directed to this site! Saw after I put my info in that it was a scam that was going to charge me in five days. I called the number on the site to cancel but I will be contacting my bank as well seeing as they took charged a dollar today.

    • Jmacintn 06/22/2023 at 08:07 PM

      I was signing up for a reverse internet image lookup service, when I was entering my CC info, the popup window appeared in the foreground and I ended up signing up for fraavy. I just cancelled in the 5 day trial period. I will see if I get charged. I have my card set to have to approve all charges, so I will see.

    • Michelle 06/24/2023 at 08:56 PM

      My husband and I went to Kemah Boardwalk for dinner and scanned a QR code for a parking app. The rat bastards at FRAAVY.COM apparently hijacked the parking app QR code. I'm pretty savvy to scams but this crap got around me. I could understand setting up an account (just name and email) in order to electronically pay for parking so it looked legit. Yep, they got my card number. I knew as soon as my "account" popped up something was wrong; it was some crap offering me a choice of movies, books, entertainment, etc. After reading everyone's experiences on here I contacted my bank and have canceled that card. What a massive pain in the butt all because those shit head greedy bastards would rather scam decent hardworking people than use their skills for the good of humanity. I hope every person involved in the FRAAVY.COM bullshit scam gets hemorrhoids the size of chicken livers, unrelenting nasal itching and uncontrollable diarrhea.

    • Tim 06/27/2023 at 01:53 PM

      I scanned the QR code at Panda Express to join their rewards program. The Favvy site popped up and asked for my email and credit card information. I gave it to them but felt uneasy about it. I then read the user agreement on the Favvy site and discovered the 5-day free trial and then the $49.99 per month charge. I called the toll-free number on the site but it rang and rang before ending the call. I then tried online chat and reached someone who said my account was cancelled and I will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. I pray I have not been scammed!

    • Ranck 06/30/2023 at 02:45 PM

      I just got this with the QR code on my new passport! The QR code scanner showed me the real State Department web address, but when I clicked the "OPEN" button below that I got the Fravvy website. At the point where I started reading their user agreement, I backed out. Rescanned, tried again and got the Funjestic web site, but didn't do anything. Clicking directly on the link got me to the State Department web site. Clearly someone is doing something shady with my code scanner app. Now to call my credit card provider. Sigh.

    • Just why 07/03/2023 at 11:50 PM

      This looks like a case of the actual QR code scanner app downloaded from the Play Store having code written into redirect people to this Fravvy website. So it's not the actual QR codes that are bad it's the app being used to scan the codes that are the first step of the scam. Here's a link to the Google article about it

      This is a new scam strategy. Scanning application, downloaded onto phone ...

    • Blasted scammers 07/05/2023 at 05:41 PM

      I got it while trying to download a parking app. I was able to cancel it by going to the Fraavy site and calling the phone number. I refused to give them my credit card again, but they did to it through my email address. It now says cancelled. I also filled out the contact form and cancelled my credit card for good measure.

    • Cassie 07/07/2023 at 12:26 PM

      Was downloading a Giant Food Store app off Google Play Store. They highjacked my info by doing a smooth pop up maneuver. Cancelled my card, wreaking the standard havoc on my autopay plans. Also called FAVVY and asked them what kind of a**holes the were. It is a definite scam. You will get NO info from them, but they will tell you they have cancelled your account like it was a favor to me. My VISA card called me. They were the ones who informed me I got scammed. VISA said they are a known scammer.

    • Report #665164 07/12/2023 at 01:06 PM

      The free membership period of 5 days will begin after submitting your credit card details via the secure online form, which is the same moment as you receive this email. At the end of the free membership period, your membership will automatically continue as a paid membership which will charge the monthly amount of 49.95 USD directly to the credit card you provided, unless cancelled. The membership automatically renews every month until you terminate it. Please visit our site for support if you ...
      Noticed a $49.95 and $1 charge on my transactions (both unauthorized). Never been on the website. Called 877-937-4098 number and the lady I spoke with claimed to cancel the it. We shall see & I will keep you posted.

      Url / Website :
      Pseudonym : fraavy
      Telephone : 8779374098

    • MikeD 07/22/2023 at 02:18 PM

      I got scammed a few days ago through the parkingpass app. Led me to fraavy. I got charged $1. I tried to log in to cancel, but it didn't work.
      Check your spam inbox for the user name and password. I was able to log in and call and get my account canceled. I also canceled my credit card. Freaking scumbags.
      +18664719677 is the phone number. I talked to an agent who was able to cancel my account. I think it's a 3rd party who handles fraavy's scam.

    • Buddy 07/23/2023 at 05:06 PM

      Got nailed by this one by the QR on an official "Park-to-Pay" sign in Maalea Harbor in Maui. Had to cancel my card and get a new one.

      "Fravvy" is bullshit. Here's hoping someone drowns them in their own mimi.

    • bdolphan 07/27/2023 at 10:28 AM

      This showed up on my card as a charge from I looked them up and contacted them and they are a 3rd party billing company that Fraavy uses and said the charge was from them. I told them I never signed up for Fraavy and didn't even know who they were and they cancelled it for me and I would get a refund in 3-5 days.

    • Che 07/30/2023 at 09:56 AM

      I was setting g up messenger on a new device and this site came up to enter my info and credit card. The top showed that my credit card would not be charged. On the bottom it showed that if I don't cancel a monthly charge would apply. I already have a $1 charge showing on my credit card. Looked for info to cancel and finally found an email address and phone number. I sent an email to cancel. Will wait till Monday to call the 866 471-9677 number to make sure my subscription is cancelled. If it is not cancelled I will contact my credit card company to dispute any charges

    • Sam Sui 08/07/2023 at 06:11 PM charged me 49.95. I'm glad my Citi/Costco notified me about the charges. I guess it's been the second month they charged me. I did not sign up for movies, music, etc. I called Fraavy to cancel and they don't speak english very well. But I called Citi bank to cancel my card anyway just in case.

    • JJ Gabe 08/08/2023 at 09:10 AM

      Same problem happened to me. I thought I was downloading a train time / ticket buying app when suddenly I was registered for I called the number the next day and cancelled. But they still charged me $1. They can still make tons of money this way.

    • Dave 08/13/2023 at 11:03 PM

      This was included as an app with a product (pool lights) sold on Amazon.

      As others noted, claims it is free, but fine print states recurring $49.95 MONTHLY charge (!). Bank sent text asking if we recognized $1 charge (Auth charge to validate acct obviously) under different company name.

      No support (as usual) from Amazon because third party seller, no way to contact product seller (another shady Amazon Chinese seller) or app vendor thru Amazon, no promised email with access info and cancelation link from app vendor.

      Clearly a scam. We've contacted bank to dispute charge and close credit card.

    • Sevy 08/17/2023 at 09:13 AM

      I was scammed yesterday by FRAAVY when I downloaded the app for PARKMOBILE, a parking payment service at Boca Raton, FL. Next day I received an email from FRAAVY about the 5 day free trial and got a $1 charge from them and immediately called the bank, reported the fraud and cancelled the card.

    • Annie 08/21/2023 at 05:36 PM

      I inadvertently downloaded this app when trying to download a parking app. I failed to notice when I entered my CC details that it was not the parking co. site. When I checked the Account section of the website, I noted that it only provided a Contact no. to call to cancel my account. Although the customer service representative answered quickly, she agreed to send an email conformation of the cancellation but never did so. My Account showed that I would be charged the first of monthly $49.99 charges beginning in 5 days, so I called my CC company to block the charges. However, since the charge was not pending yet, they were only able to cancel my card. Big inconvenience! If not an outright malware fraud, this company seems shady.

    • Georgi 09/02/2023 at 04:43 PM

      I also got scammed by FRAAVY while on line and scanned a QR code. I checked my credit card and there were two charges to GTFIN.NET for $1.95 and $1.00. I called my credit card company, and they immediately closed my account and will be re-issuing me a new credit card. I tried contacting FRRAVY but no luck. I JUST HATE SCAMMERS! EVERYTHING LOOKED SO AUTHENTIC... SO BEWARE OUT THERE...

    • V 09/04/2023 at 11:11 PM

      I have also been a victim to this website Fraavy when I was trying to download parking passport! Samething, got charged 2 separate charges from FNPHIN.COM but I locked my card and will call my card company tomorrow! However I’ve learned you can go report this company fraud on Federal Trade Commission website! So go do that now!

    • Lisa 09/29/2023 at 07:49 PM

      We were setting up AT&T internet where we needed to download a QR code for directions. We thought we were putting the credit card information for the AT&T service, but shortly thereafter realized that it was a scam. I just called the phone number 1-844-468-4491 that Barb E mentioned back in 06/2023 where they stated that they have cancelled the subscription and will not be charging my card anything. If all goes as they reported, my thanks goes out to Barb for the good telephone number.

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