List of scams that spoof Netflix

There are mainly 2 types of scams that affect Netflix subscribers: the most popular is the sending of fake emails making you believe that your subscription is over. If you click on the link in the email, you are asked to provide your bank details (phishing)... it aims at directing you to a fake website that looks like the Netflix one to get your login information and thus hack your account (and incidentally use or resell it).

On this page, you will find the main reports of Netflix scams sorted by popularity or by date.

If you are a witness or a victim of a scam that spoofs Netflix, use this form to massively inform Internet users.

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Most popular... +18449803193 (95 comments) > Fraudulent website
02/07/2023... Comment / Review: Took two payments was supposed to be Netflix they were about to wipe out our bank account had to get a new bank card. Scam contents: Says it's a movie streaming app takes money they shouldn't take Netflix (1 comment) > Scam using Paypal
07/18/2022... Comment / Review: I allways check who has sent the mail. And checked with Netflix that I had paid as usual.. Scam contents: Meddelande om avstängning. Hej, Tyvärr kunde vi inte lösa ditt betalningsproblem och din prenumeratio (18 comments) > Fraudulent website
04/28/2021... Comment / Review: I had to cancel my credit card. Scam contents: False subscription to movies (like Netflix) subscription only $1US/month so on obviously to steal info impossible to unsubscribe or contact them 8007240697 Anna (2 comments) > Phishing
12/31/2019... Comment / Review: seems like a scam. my netflix subscription is a few years old and i have not changed anything recently. . Scam contents: Hey there, My name is Anna. I work at Netflix and help our newest members get started. If you’d like to chat befo
Netflix (1 comment) > Phishing
01/12/2023... * The email address that sent me this text has too many characters to fit into the box on here, so I’ll paste it here just in case anyone else has seen the same address: ——

The latest...

+19715459584 > Phone Fraud
04/05/2024... Comment / Review: Got a message about an account suspension to Netflix even though I do not own an account. SUSPECTED SCAM! Net- supp ltd > Phishing
02/27/2024... There are two emails for this. One is a sender which is; The other is a replay to, which is; If I long press on the "update now" there is a suspicious link. All the links are not what they seem.
+639984976545 swetty premium's > Social Media Scam
02/24/2024... Comment / Review: i already confirmed his facebook account base on his gcash number . Scam contents: Selling facebook netflix account
sweetty premium's > Social Media Scam
02/24/2024... Comment / Review: his facebook page sale netflix account and when i received account it doesn't log in then i didn't receive any reply. Scam contents: selling netflix account
+639083093197 > Phone Fraud
01/11/2024... Comment / Review: This number is used in selling premium accounts such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney, and other accounts that can be use to fraud purposes SUSPECTED SCAM!

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