Beware, many fraudulent sites use the Birkenstock brand to trap you!

Birkenstock is a renowned footwear brand, known for its comfortable sandals and shoes. With a heritage rooted in Germany, the brand has garnered global recognition for its quality products.

Alarmingly, with its increasing fame, numerous fraudulent websites emerge daily, exploiting the Birkenstock brand name without authorization.

How does it work?

Fraudulent sites frequently advertise hefty discounts, often as much as -50%, a stark contrast to the official Birkenstock website, which can be accessed at

These scam sites often have a very short lifespan. They vanish mere days or weeks after their inception, leaving customers deceived and empty-handed.

If you happen to make a purchase on one of these sites, not only will you potentially never receive your order, but there's also a significant risk of receiving counterfeit items, further deepening the scam's impact.

What can you do?

If you come across such a deceptive site online, it's imperative to report it immediately. You can make a report at

For victims looking to retrieve their money, employ the Chargeback procedure outlined here:

Protecting Yourself:

  • When shopping online, it's safest to purchase directly from the official website to avoid potential scams.
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true prices. If a site claims to offer Birkenstock products at a drastically reduced price, tread with caution.
  • Regularly consult online reviews and analyze unfamiliar sites before making a purchase.
To further educate yourself on such scams, consider browsing the articles we've highlighted below, or explore user-submitted reports on these deceitful practices.

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one week ago... Comment / Review: I checked after I paid the contact email address and later checked it as being to scam. Scam contents: Birkenstock shoes > Other Scam
06/09/2023... Comment / Review: Don't buy from the website, it is a scam. Dispute the charge with your bank if you fell for it like me. I'd cancel the card you used as well.. Scam contents: An ad for this website showed up on my Instagram account in between viewing the stor (35 comments) > Fraudulent website
05/13/2019... Scammer used add for discounted footwear to obtain payment info and make faulty transactions to victim's accounts, taking more money than the purchase cost with no intention of sending the item purchased. (2 comments) > Fraudulent website
08/10/2023... This website is posing as an official retailer of birkenstock, they even are using their logo as their own. Their email address is actually linked to another fraudulent site that was already reported to Scamwatcher's data base:

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one week ago... Comment / Review: I checked after I paid the contact email address and later checked it as being to scam. Scam contents: Birkenstock shoes +18036190424 Pantherssa > Classified Scam
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10/04/2023... The guy "Larry" would answer my questions and give me a run around. He said "don't worrry your product will arrive on time." he gave me a tracking number to a site that I sure is fake as well. It finally said my produce was deliver but of course it wasn't > Fraudulent website
09/27/2023... I have attached all screenshots of the order confirmation however Im not able to get back into my account on their site to show you the messages because now somehow the scammer changed their IP address to go right to Amazon I really hope something can be done > Fraudulent website
09/27/2023... Comment / Review: I am of the veiw that this is an ecommerce scam. . Scam contents: On 23 July 2023 I ordered a pair of sandals from this website and paid USD $59.43 with my credit card. I was sent a proof of payment and informed that it would take about 15 w

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