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PseudonymAnna Grace / Chen Fala
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Scam contentsRomance / Investment scam. Attempt to get their mark to transfer money to a fraudulent crypto exchange. Once enough money is placed into their exchange then they will kill your access and leave with your money
Comment / ReviewContacted via text by Anna looking for Mike. I replied and we “hit it off”. Shes a scammer so she made me feel great. We fell in love and planned to start a life together. Then she started to tell me about the amazing crypto node trading she does. She studies market trends and spends hours analyzing the crypto market. Once she knows when the node transaction will occur she will put in her $50-100k. 30 seconds later she will show what appears she made 40-50% profit in that one transaction

In 2023 alone shes claimed to make 460K. She wanted to save money to buy a home on the beach with her lover.

She drives a Porsche but want to buy a Ferrari 488 soon and will let you drive it since shes not a good driver.

Once I was finally adamant about not investing with her she then decided we were not going to work out.

Since then im posting this name everywhere I can

I was not taken for any money as i saw the scam a mile away but i did have conversations with her for hours. She was a great manipulator and listener. I enjoyed talking to her while going through a divorce and wasnt planning to retaliate but then ive seen the thousands of dollars they stole with this scam

Names used: Anna Grace / Chan Fala

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