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PseudonymJustin Hance
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Scam contentsThe contact started with a random message over discord (See images) which provided me with a redeemable code on the Altflash24 website for 0.26 BTC.
Comment / ReviewI tested the waters by going on the website and creating a fake account, which required an email and password only. I was then greeted with the Balance Screen (See Images). I then navigated to the redeem code section which allowed me to redeem my code, granting me 0.26 BTC in my account balance. By trying to withdraw these funds you are prompted with a warning message (See images) that states you need to deposit 0.01 BTC before you can withdraw funds.

A lot of other details point to this being a scam, with a rather generic roadmap of services, the CEO is named Justin Hance which made me chuckle. Overall there was some effort put into making this look real however there is no registered company and it is clearly a scam.

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