eBay Scams : List updated in real time

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2022 and eBay scams are still an easy target for consumers. If you haven’t heard how these work, you might have heard of one of these incidents from friends or someone close to you.

Types of eBay Scams

  • The wrong address scam: There are two parts to this simple scam. When an item is sent to the wrong address that item is often sent back. The scammer then claims the package was shipped and refused. The same also works when the postman brings a package with the wrong name. They hope you’ll do the same so it gets returned.
  • The resale scam: This always includes item bids for auctions. You get a message from the so-called seller. They inform you the sale fell through and you can buy the item right away. The only problem is that you need to wire the money outside of eBay since the bidding has closed.
  • The gift card scam: This is where a vehicle is discounted so much the seller is asking for prepaid gift cards as a payment. The seller claims that eBay covers this in their buyer’s protection policy. As soon as you pay with your gift card info, the scammers completely disappear.
  • Paying full money for knock-off or copycat item scam: You pay for name-brand items at the full price and then get cheap knock-off versions instead. It doesn’t have the same logo or look similar to the item you ordered. It doesn’t even pass for a decent fake copy.
What to do if you're a victim of an eBay Scam?

If you believe you've been scammed you need to contact eBay right away. You can make your claim based on what was shipped to you. If your item falls under a subcategory called Authenticity Guarantee Badge, you may not qualify for a refund because your item wasn't authorized by an official 2nd party inspection. This means you willingly bought an item that may or may not have been the actual item listed.

How do i get my money back?

More often, you have to have an additional buyer's insurance against this kind of fraud. Paypal was developed to prevent this kind of fraud and helps protect buyers more often than sellers. Using a credit card will result in having to deal with your credit card insurance protections which may or may not cover fraud purchases from eBay scams.

How to report the scam?

No matter what has happened or hasn't happened just yet, if you suspect something is fishy regarding a sale or become contacted by someone sketchy from eBay, you need to report them immediately. These issues are dealt with quickly as soon as you notify them. The more info that you provide to eBay, the better chances you can make a claim for a refund or have these scammers removed from the site.

On the other hand, if you wish to inform other Internet users about the scam, you can do so through this form.

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