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Gregorio Angelica

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Scam contentsOkay, this f* ass*** scammed me. I was silently looking for a job and someone message me through WhatsApp offering me a job and I took the bait. I didn't know it was a scam at all since I was able to withdraw my money back after completing a task. But then when the amount of money that I needed to top up to complete the task, it became doubtful to me so I looked for answers to ease the doubt but then I was right. It was all a scam, I should've believed my boyfriend saying it was a scam since I needed to top uo but I didn't listen. It's my fault though but thankfully I have found a report post from here targeting the same person and knew their bad habit. Thank God it was just a eleven hundred.

Ps. She is urging me to continue the process and complete the task. I was planning to continue it but luckily I saw the post here🤍
Comment / ReviewIt's a scam, be careful next time.

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