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Scam contentsAn online trading company on crypto currencies, gold and silver etc. I was introduced on line to open an account to trade gold in this company. The company will generated a new company acccount for me with Company name , sort code and account number when I apply to open an account to trade. I transferred £2,000 from my Barclays Bank to this new generated company account call “JOMINOZ LTD” Sort Code; 042909 A/C -37009125 on the 19th March 2024. After a few days I checked my trading account balance and it showed nothing in the balance. I contacted Customer Service of the trading company and they said that payment account was removed from the market and the system cannot verify the fund sent and that I need to go back and see my bank regarding the payment. I went back to my Barclays Bank and they told me the £2,000 was transferred to the trading company bank account and is still with them. I asked my Barclays Bank to recall the payment back from the trading company and was told the trading company bank account is frozen and is under investigation that was 3 wks ago.
Last week I call my Barclays Bank to find out the outcome of the investigation on that company account and was told my £2,000 is still with the trading company and the investigation is still on with their Banco-Revolut Bank.
Today i tried to contact the customer Service of WOBEXSD and find out the on line websit is off the screen. Now I cannot get in touch with this trading company as it’s an on line company and there is no phone number to follow up the queries.
Comment / ReviewCan you let me know what is the next step for me to take in order to get my refund payment of £2,000 back from WOBEXSD .

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