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This girl, supposedly Korean, contacted me as if by mistake looking for a tour guide, then she very kindly established a friendship and introduced me to a Defi in which you get an income every 6 hours depending on the amount in USDT, everything works fine until suddenly you get an advertisement for an offer that you practically cannot avoid because it is insistent, until you click and the amount is blocked. They tell you that you have to complete the amount at 10,000 USD and you receive 4 or 5 ETH. When completing this sum, problems arise with which you have to put in more and more money. This girl assures you that her friends have not had any problems and that it must be an isolated incident, but that she is sure that there is no problem and in the end you will get it. She even told me that if she didn't get the money, she was willing to pay me the amount I had put in at the beginning of the month. But suddenly, this girl deletes all traces of the chat and disappears. And of course I was left with no money and nothing
Comment / ReviewWARNING Do not listen to user comments that promise you the recovery of your funds, they cannot do that. They are other SCAMMERS.

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