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Scam contentsThey called me to apply for loan, from their site they said maximum is N500,000 when I applied they gave me N5530 to pay N8453 in 8 days, I tried looking for a way to reach them, no phone number, no e-mail only address to tell them that amount is not what i requested, now on the 7th days they WhatsApp me informing me i have one day to pay up my loan, i told them, the amount they gave me was not what i requested for so i have to refund, they told me its a first time that next time they will increase the loan i told them i dont such amount its useless, i requested for an account to refund which i did without paying any interest because that is ripped someone, they are treatining me so I have to report their criminal activities.
Comment / Review[5/13, 12:33 PM] +234 706 451 5598: I have said mine, expecting calls from your contact
[5/13, 12:38 PM] unextdream: Ok keep calling na
[5/13, 12:40 PM] unextdream: The rubbish money that has nothing to do, can't buy a bag of cement
[5/13, 12:41 PM] +234 706 451 5598: No forced you to take it we know how to deal with your type just seat back and watch sir
[5/13, 12:43 PM] unextdream: Ok, I never requested for such amount, let's go to court, I have already reported your website for ripping people
[5/13, 12:43 PM] unextdream: Do any nonsense, you will regret it
[5/13, 12:50 PM] +234 706 451 5598: We’re so scared so you have money to go to court and you’re coming to online loan app to disgrace yourself
[5/13, 12:52 PM] +234 706 451 5598: Don’t worry we’ll help since you want to disgrace yourself because of 2800
[5/13, 12:52 PM] +234 706 451 5598: Just seat back and watch the movie

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