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PseudonymMelissa lori
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Telephone+1 332-260-0092 (ou 0013322600092) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsIn cooperation with a cryptocurrency exchange,, AI Wealth Club (whatsapp group claims to be ai wealth club 214-394-7249) operates a whatsapp group, misleading investors into thinking they are generating money through contract trading. It is not possible to withdraw money from the cryptocurrency exchange Morocoin; if you do, your account will be frozen.
Comment / ReviewI invested money through whatsapp group into MOROCOIN exchange. when I intend to withdraw money, my funds and account are frozen. The customer service does not respond to your emails.

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    • Report #762494 05/07/2024 at 04:23 PM

      Melissa Lori or whoever stole $61,000 from me. A total scam. She should be put in jail for 25 years.
      She suckers you into her AI Wealth Club and uses Morocoin then closes and freezes your account. Shes the devil.

      Pseudonym : Melissa Lori

    • Report #771236 06/11/2024 at 08:46 PM

      Whatsapp created and my name was included in scam. I was told that they have a crypto trading plateform and ask me to invest in there . Now they will not let me transfer my amount. And coin they listed seems scam SCT as I did not see anywhere listing

      Pseudonym : Melissa Lori

    • Poola 06/13/2024 at 07:02 PM

      I got scammed as well. I hope he or
      She gets caught. Yup , customer service tells you that you are in a queue to wait patiently. Whatsapp should be sued, how does these people get our numbers. They use others to gain your trust. I was not paying attention until someone else reached out saying they are iffy about the club

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