Investment scam

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Telephone+44 7308 632610 (ou 00447308632610) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsPurchase vip1 to vip4 products and earn a daily income on each vip levels.
Purchase Vip1= K80 & receive K3 dailyincome
Purchase Vip2= K360 & receive K14 dailyincome
Purchase Vip3= K1100 & receive K44
daily income
Purchase Vip4= K3600 to receive K180 daily income

All Vips a valid for 365 days.
Comment / ReviewMy family and I payed for vip 1 to 4 and and have been collecting funds daily through the platform but when we did the withdraw to our account. They sad they had to sort out some problems with the bank and we waited but nothing happened. We found out that the website was out and Naki platform app was not working anymore for some days. That's when we found out that it was a scam. The managers name is Rod Wilcox and he has a team of six (6) or so.

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