Romance Scam

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Scam contentsinvestment in time-bound cryptocurrency trading.
Comment / ReviewI lost $110,400 USD to this scam. Please don't fall prey. The key to the scam is that you are asked to send cryptocurrency from your wallet eg a metamask crypto wallet to another cryptocurrency wallet which they make you assume is also yours on The first ask you to put this url in your browser:, and when you do, you are redirected to

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      • Abii 04/19/2024 at 08:34 AM

        Make sure you don't listen to any scammers who claim they can get your money out or refund you. They're just trying to make you lose more money through their advance-fee scam.

        Report to the authorities like the FTC and IC3 instead.

      • Report #763338 05/11/2024 at 06:46 PM

        Meet in Christian dating app. Asked for join in metamask for trading in cryptocurrency. Once metamask is open the below address is given to link.
        This will feel it’s our account actually i found out when i login with different email id in different phone . The sending address of crypto of two accounts with two email id is same
        Don’t fall in this trap.

        Pseudonym : Aisha

        • victimOfScam 05/11/2024 at 11:50 PM

          you are absolutely correct. This scammer extorted over $100k from me in sham serial investments before I realized I had been scammed (at the point of attempting to make a withdrawal from my so-called USDT account). This scammer seems to be a man who uses ladies (including this fake Aisha) to deceive other men into believing they are making investments for future life together. This fake Aisha even had a video call with me and sent me 1-second videos on whatsapp a few times in the process, telling me she was busy setting up a beauty salon and a grocery store in Bristol UK! Once I suspected I was being defrauded, I sent an email to the real hashpack ( and they replied after 24hours to say that I was being scammed.
          I continued to play along with this scammer but did not commit any further money while I reported the case to the UK's Action Fraud. Unfortunately the UK's Action Fraud service got back to me and said they do not investigate cases like this, hence they cannot help me retrieve my money. At this point I confronted the scammer with a message saying I knew he was a scammer and I needed my money back. He immediately started issuing death threats and racially abusing me, wow!
          Please lets expose this person and make sure that nobody else falls victim.

      • Aisha Romance scam - crypto 05/12/2024 at 04:18 AM
        all part of romance scam and extorting crypto currency from guys. To be in future together need to invest together that is the requirement and invest in crypto . Since crypto there is no banks involved and no trace of money. Lost £1800. Name was Aisha will be busy because setting up beauty saloon and grocery store . This person will call video call when we feel this catfishing. Playing really well.

      • Victim 06/02/2024 at 04:06 PM

        Same here, I can't believe I felt for this. It was in a Muslim dating app. The girl was talking about religion, good looking and we would have very short video calls.

        I felt for it and lost 16k+.

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