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Scam contentsI was desperate for income (My Problem #1) and responded to a Whatsapp ad for part-time work "validating Apps". Long story short, you deposit cryptocurrency (USDC) and run between one and three "Missions" where you are executing "Apps". These are often brand names that are otherwise trustworthy, although some are unfamiliar. Each App earns a small commission. When you complete a series of 40 transactions your mission is complete and you can then withdraw your commissions (in USDC) to your crypto account. Occasionally, you will face what is called a Combination Task, which pays 8 X the commission of a regular task. These combination tasks invariably cause your original deposit to go negative, requiring an additional deposit in order to complete the mission and withdraw your commission. I did this for three days without incident, then made the mistake of depositing $500 as an initial starting deposit. Sure enough, I hit two Combination Tasks, and now I've deposited $4000 and accoint is still negative by almost 7,000. Needless to say, I am not getting a lot of cooperation or assistance from the company, or the person who recruited me for this. In fairness, I should have known better; desperate for additional income, I may have made a bad decision. My question is, has anyone else encountered this and if so, were you able to get your money returned to you? I realize 21st century communications and standards are different than in my era but given what has happened, I need to determine whether or not this is a scam. My next step is to notify authorities so that others do not fall victim.
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