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Telephone+27 36498532 (ou 002736498532) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsRegister to earn yourself R5 every one hour
Comment / ReviewIts a scam because one cannot deactivate their account

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  • +27 36498532
South Africa
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    • Phummie 02/21/2024 at 06:10 AM

      This thing is a scam because I've been collecting R5 hourly but soon as i got to R900 it cleared my collection history brought it down to R155 as it said my withdrawal wallet should be a min of R1000

    • Simangele 02/21/2024 at 11:20 AM

      This is a scam how can my R750 vanish like that? What is going on i have been collecting R5 now my balance have decreased to R150

    • Nichole 02/26/2024 at 08:10 AM

      Indeed this thing is a scam,I collected R5.00 until I reached R1025 aftre I transfered R35 in to my account it never came through and from the amount that was left in now standing on R155,where did the rest of the money varnished to?

    • Gift 02/27/2024 at 05:31 AM

      This is the scam when i want to deactivate my cant shows me nothing

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