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Scam contentsI worked for a company as a freelancer that founf it from facebook, I have done correctly and they didn't pay me directly, they recommended me to singup this website and they have charged for me, but They told me for withdrawal I must pay 87$ to get completed, but I searched on this website and got know that it is fake.
I worked for them but they didn't pay me.
Comment / Review[19/11, 12:38] +1 (503) 832-3098: Listen sir the COT code amount cannot be deducted or paid by the coastal bank due to your key code process as not been done yet and your account is in accessible to make a any withdrawal or transaction now because you haven't gotten the code yet ok sir?
[19/11, 12:39] +1 (503) 832-3098: yes the bank one time process COT code which is provided by the bank is the accessible code which make you have access to your account in order for you to make or complete your withdrawal
And in order for you to get the code you will required to get it purchased from the bank which is a refundable amount

You can make the withdrawal because your you haven't gotten your bank code yet
You have to get your bank code for immediate and proper withdrawal
Once you've gotten your bank code your withdrawal can be accessed and withdrawed immediately?
[19/11, 12:50] +1 (503) 832-3098: The COT code used to confirm and authorize withdrawals. The pin is generated by the banks board and sent to you to confirm your withdrawals. It's mandatory that all new users of our platform get it.
You need to purchase the transfer code with a refundable $87 fee which you will use to make your withdrawal, note that you cannot make the payment from your account balance as you do not have the authentication PIN code yet

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      • Abdul 01/20/2024 at 06:03 AM

        This website is scam

      • D 01/26/2024 at 04:32 PM

        A similar situation happened to me.

        They made me do a job in 2 days, something that left me very tired, they made me register on that website to send me the money and when I tried to get it they asked me to pay a code, I asked them if they could buy me the code as soon as I made the change platform that allowed me to manage the money more easily, I would return the amount plus an extra, but they told me that I should have money and I told them I don't have money, that's why I did the work.

        And they told me how much money I have, which is very strange because they ask me for money to reach an agreement, and the worst thing is that they were insistent, telling me to get money from someone else, someone must give you money, they even wrote to me at times to see if I had I had money to the point that it became ostentatious, and that made me see how I had gotten into a scam.

      • Ley 05/16/2024 at 07:52 AM

        Me andaba de pasar lo mismo es decir que ese dinero no existe.,? :(

      • ms.terry 06/22/2024 at 02:52 AM

        It is related to what is really going in, at first it is so strange that they offer a project with quite big amount of money, which the project could be done by downloading similar files from the internet, it is needed to be done within 2/3 days. Then, they asked for payment for the code, which they make it even lower, so strange. haha. I never entertain their messages, tho, as for the project I got idea to sell it or share it free in my online library 😉.

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