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Scam contentsPetrol and diesel generators, including other electrical power tools.
Comment / ReviewThis is a goods scam. The website is populated with content and images copied from other legitimate online retail stores. Even the pictures of the shop front is a stolen and photo-shopped picture of a legitimate retail store base in Pretoria West. The website shows pictures and prices of various power tools at very, very low prices, which is the strategy to attract unsuspecting customers. This is a fake retail store, and it does not have physical premises or physical retail outlets anywhere in the country (i.e. South Africa). The physical address provided in the website (i.e. 15 Vulcan St, Klerksdorp Industrial Area, North West, 2571, South Africa) belongs to another company that provides storage facilities.
The operators of this website carry out their illegal business activities entirely by telephone - a landline (el: +27 12 743 6434) as well as a mobile number (Mob: +27 78 371 4912) through which they operate the scam by contacting and communicating with unsuspecting customers. The also prefer to communicate via email to send invoices and to facilitate online transactions into a legitimate bank account (either First National Bank or Capitec, so far - it is possible that they scammers are operating different bank account numbers with different financial institutions in South Africa). As soon as payment has been made and confirmed, the funds are immediately withdrawn, while delivery of the purchased goods never happens. By the time the unsuspecting customer realises that they have been scammed, the funds deposited into the bank account of the scammers will have long been withdrawn and cleared off. The scammers have actually closed down their earlier website/URL ( after some customers had exposed the scam to the law enforcement agencies and the banks. The current website/URL (https://I-power.c a) is a newly re-vamped site, it has been operational for less than a month.

The company operates under different names (e.g. I-Power (Pty) Ltd, or I-Power Supplies or I-Power). The operators sound foreign (non-South African). This company has also used a stolen CIPC number that belongs to another legitimate power tools retail company (based in KZN), called AFRICA POWER EQUIPMENT (PTY) LIMITED. The owners of this company are aware that they company CIPC registration number is being used fraudulently.

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    • Jason 01/02/2024 at 03:01 AM

      This online Goods Scam is still very much active - they changed the website address a couple of times as more and more people become aware of this scam (the latest website address is Never ever buy or order anything from this website, it is a FRAUDULANT WEBSITE AND A SCAM.

      This telephone number is still active - +27 12 743 6434. A guy called Allen Coetzee would sometimes answer the phone (I am almost certain that Allen Coetzee is a fake name) - he is the sammer, but he is not alone, he operates with other scamers who change their names all the time - the other guy who work with Allen Coetzee is Renit (probably also a fake name). Email Address is watch out for these scammers.

    • Fudpukker 02/19/2024 at 12:03 PM

      Jip, I just showed interest in a generator. Wanted to collect and pay from premises. Now the collection point in in Durban...

      Kathleen Zungu is the contact, here is the message:
      "Stock to be collected from our warehouse in Jacobs Industrial Durban.

      Also we have an option for next day delivery options with Courier Guy,

      Let us know so we can issue your order however you see fit. "

    • Jason 02/20/2024 at 05:25 AM

      This is a Scam and it's run by foreigners (probably French speaking fraudsters)

    • Jason 02/20/2024 at 05:48 AM

      Please publish any details that you have about this website (website url/address and any other relevabt information to expose these people). I lost a lot of money thinking that i was buying a very good model Honda inverter generator at an unbelievably low price - that should have been a red flag, right - the low price? But i was too blinded by the incredible price, i didnt carr to look at the big giant red flag waving in my face. By the time i realised that this was a scam (24hours late), they had already emptied the bank account and closed it. I tried to call the bank to get it to freeze the account and recover my money, too late!!!!!!!

    • Jason 02/20/2024 at 05:55 AM

      If you're interested, give your contact details, i'll call you and describe to you precisely how these people operate. They are very clever and sophisticated. The SAPS and the banks cant get them, it's hopeless and frustrating because they operate openly on the internet, they are not hiding their ooeration, it's public. Please note that Cathleen Zungu does not exist. This is an operatio by two foreigners /two guys who sould like French speaking Algerians or similar.

    • Jason 02/20/2024 at 06:29 AM

      Please also note that these fraudsters use different bank accounts using all the major banks in SA (Standard bank, FNB, ABSA and NEDBANK), that's what fools most customers to pay, thinking that this is a legit operation. And notice that they will insist that you pay into a bank account and send them proof of payment (They dont want you to come into a so-called warehouse or their store to pay over the counter (because they do not have premises or warehouses).There is no physical stock of generators or power tools, there is no store - it is all an online goods scam - the SAPS Cybercrime unit knows about these people , they have known about this operation for the past three years at least.

      So do what you can as a responsible citizen to expose these people - publish and share all the information you have about this operation (including the bank account details they gave you, including the name of the bank, the email address and any phone numbers you might have). You will notice that they are very keen to speak to you on WhatsApp, and willing to send an invoice with a company logo, registration numbers and physical address (all those details are likely to be fake or non-existing), but you need to publish these details to warn other potential innocent victims who will be unaware of the scam until too late.

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