Scam using Paypal LADIOPMN

Scam contentsThey advertised sandals on FB and I bought 2 pairs. It took them forever to get here and came from overseas. They were only wrapped in a plastic bag. By the time I got them, the fake leather on one of them was worn off on the toe of the sandal. I wrote to them and asked if I could exchange it for a different pair because I inadvertently entered size 6 and I take an 8.5. The other pair was correct and undamaged. I was told that because I ordered a 6 and they sent it, that I couldn't return it. Today I was looking into this again because I didn't
recognize the name on my Amexp bill. It was LADIOPMN. Then I looked at the breakdown of charges and they billed me 16.79 for tax and it should only be $3.81 for CT. They also billed me $1.20 for insurance which should have covered the pair of shoes that was damaged. I would like the $1.20 back as well as the $12.89 they overcharged me for tax.
Comment / ReviewThis is what was showing on my PayPal statement:
May 11.Payment
- $83.96
Paid with
American Express
(AMEX Credit Card x-1004)
You'll see "PAYPAL *LADIOPMN" on your card statement.
Shipped to
Wolf Susan H
37 Mendes Rd
Danbury, CT 06811
United States
Have you received this order?
May 17, 2022, Sent by xs-exp
Status: Shipped
Transaction ID
Seller info
Invoice ID
Purchase details
🔥Hot Sale -Women's Support & Soft Adjustable Sandals
🔥Hot Sale -Women's Support & Soft Adjustable Sandals
Amount $59.98
TransactionDiscount - $3.00
Shipping $8.99
Tax $16.79
Insurance $1.20
Total $83.96

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    • ct 01/17/2023 at 10:56 AM

      This has to be a scam. I ordered a sweater in Nov 2022 and still haven't received it.

      I canceled the order but got nowhere with it. This is disgusting. They sure took my money.

    • Sharon 02/01/2023 at 10:27 AM

      Zero-Miracle Network is a scam company seeking cheap Chinese products but presenting themselves as a U.S. company. PayPal is no help resolving issues with this company, which makes me think they are making a lot of money from their fraudulent sales.

    • Renie 06/28/2023 at 01:56 PM

      Hard to believe PayPal is taking Zero-Miracle Network's side. They never sent a pair of Crocs I ordered for my grandson's Christmas present. I rarely use the Paypal account and they should have seen the unusual activity going on. All of my money disappeared after sitting there for months and months. Zero-Miracle should be on their list of businesses to question before paying.

    • Ruth 07/25/2023 at 08:05 AM

      Beware.... they take a lot of money and you get nothing in return. Ordered a high pressure washer, paid in pounds???? and then got messaged that it is pure CHINA product.

      Your turn will come......

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