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Scam contentsOn Mon, Jul 4, 2022 at 10:01 AM jessika Ruzi wrote:
Dear Buyer You have purchased two products from our company to purchase three more products from our company, then we will give you $ 1500 USD commission with Refund if you order three products today if we will send your product within 48 to 72 hours
Thank you🥰
Comment / ReviewI received an offer to buy products at a discount through facebook messenger by Amy Chang who has a boss named Mike Liadov. They said if I buy one product at full price I would receive the product and some refund as a discount. They said I would receive the product and refund in 3 days. They told me to pick a product through I tried to pay with a credit card but the site wasn’t working so I was asked to send money through paypal to When I paid and sent them a screen shot of the transaction id they messaged me again through facebook saying that i needed to buy a 2nd product. then i paid again. after that they said they made a mistake and their boss said i needed to purchase at least 3 products so i bought a third. i spent a total of $529. they said i needed to make a 4 th purchase and told them that wasn’t the agreement and that i had no more money. i asked them to either send me the product or return my money. they said they would not be able to unless i made a 4th purchase. i said i couldn’t and to just return my money. they said their company will not return my money or send any products.

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