Other Scam : members@email.pro-immigration.com Kimberly cho


Fraudulent emailmembers@email.pro-immigration.com
PseudonymKimberly cho
Scam contentsEmail about canada immigration with my real name and place of birth. Very sketchy I think right.
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    • Hello 04/09/2021 at 11:18 PM

      I received too, and I don't remember to fill any form related to the topic.
      I WAS interested on inmigrate to Canada, but not now, despite of this, I received the email.

    • Linda 04/30/2021 at 01:43 PM

      I received such email as well, and don't remember filling anything out on their site. Similarly, they have my real name in their database and email looks legit. Unsubscribe button does not work and it's impossible to contact them back to ask to unsubscribe as the email goes out of a list-serve email. Does sound like a scam.

    • Pseudonym Mellany Bisset 05/06/2021 at 02:01 AM

      I got the same email but this time it's from Mellany Bisset. Unsubscribe button not working.

    • amza njatono 05/24/2021 at 04:30 AM

      Kimberly Cho
      Public Relations
      Canadian Visa Expert
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    • milanchek 06/09/2021 at 09:06 AM

      I never was interested to migrate to Canada, and jerks are keeping on sending me these bullshits. The worst thing, I can't unsubscribe from this thing, is opening like wrong URL.
      Any solution?

    • Meg 06/28/2021 at 08:06 AM

      I just received the same e-mail from Lucinda with my first&last name and case #. Although I wish to immigrate someday, has not applied for it yet. I wonder where they got the information...

    • Imen Khemiri 08/24/2021 at 08:35 AM

      je suis intéressé

    • 01101 11/03/2021 at 06:45 PM

      that email is a scam/spam clickbait - website does not provide any service, you can not find any contacts on their contacts page or contact them any other way. If you click any link from that email you confirm that your email address is alive and can be sold to other scammers

    • ybyb 11/06/2021 at 05:37 PM

      They are annoying as well. I keep receiving scam emails from these people for years (even though they all land in my Spam folder, I still need to check my Spam folder to make sure that I don't miss any genuine emails). And there is no way to unsubscribe from these f$ckers. Is there a way to report them to the authorities to shut them down so that I don't have to receive their scam emails every day?

    • JPM 11/15/2021 at 10:33 AM

      I got this same email at 1:36 am (CST) as I remember I did but they always had called me. Not interested now to fly to Canada.

    • Someone 01/29/2022 at 12:10 PM

      I had these emails for migrating to Canada, US and Australia. And today I just realised, it all came from the same email address: members@email.pro-immigration.com.

      What I do is, click the email and select block. So I won’t receive the email again. 🙏🏻

    • Paramvir 06/28/2022 at 09:47 PM

      Today 29/06/2022 I received an email from Elsie Crisman.
      While marking it as a spam I found the email is from 'members@email.pro-immigration.com'. Once I Google the email address I got the idea and landed on this page for reporting it.
      My suggestion is if anyone gets a strange/new/exciting email please try to mark it spam and while doing so you will get the sender's organization/group. Try to google the address first and if everything looks fine then only open it, otherwise proceed with mark as spam as well as block/report that sender as I am doing it here.

    • Lord Kain 07/28/2022 at 05:00 AM

      I initially contacted them because I was interested in travel to Canada, I went through their process and the part that made me realize it was a scam was when they asked for a card to pay, they asked for the 16 numbers in the card and lastly the security numbers behind, with that I laughed and told them now I know what’s going on and became very hostile and ended the call.


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