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I have an honest Question, Sincerely. 04/24/2024... I have heard and read numerous times the various explanations and excuses why law enforcement does very little to nothing to attempt to shut down or prosecute or even simply inform the general public about online scam websites and every other imaginable online
Can't believe the amount of people falling for crypto. 11/18/2023... I just found the site and joined as I nearly got scammed from a fake retailer.  Thankfully my suspicions ruled the day and I didn't follow through with the purchase. My initial thoughts on this site are that there is disproportionate amount of people fallin
Remove my info off. 07/24/2023... Details / precisions: I didnt realize my info was attached to report. Can I revise. Dont recall logging in.Thank you
How does everyone know a scam? (1 comment) 01/30/2023... Details / precisions: Okay 
To site operator (3 comments) 11/08/2022... question to site operator, hi I just posted a fraud (columbia...) and did not receive any email - my email is working though (not even in the spam folder) please send me a regular mail, and I get back to you.
Mobile Go Bahamas (1 comment) 06/13/2022... Details / precisions: Scam or made for scammers?