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My ex posted a nude of me here (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Hey guys  My ex harassing me and he posted a nude pick of myself on this website and also photos of me and children under 18. Now the photos appears on google search when you type my email adress. I reported it to scamwatcher but they didn't remove at least
Amaon66.come offers part time job (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Does anyone have experience about this side? Pleas help me with information 
Can I get my invested money back and can you locate the scammer? (1 comment) 02/13/2023... Details / precisions: Marajo tower,312 4th Ave, Taguig,1434 metro manila
Why does you website ask to click on a totally in releated link? (1 comment) 12/31/2022... Why are you sending confirmation emails from soe unconformed non relevant domain that actually does a redirct to some random digital marketing website
I cannot report a scam because don't have fraud site email (1 comment) 12/17/2022... Details / precisions: scamwatcher does not allow to report scam site due to the absence of email address of the fraud site
Can you help in the money recovery? (2 comments) 12/09/2022... Details / precisions:  I have been scammed by Henry Harris Investment Club. I lost $225,000.00. Can you recomend a legit person who can help me recover my money?
preferred posting/pasting material (2 comments) 09/12/2022... When posting/pasting in the "Scam Contents *" field, I'm assuming that the preferred material is the full header and body code? If so, I use the Thunderbird email package and I use these keyboard shortcuts to get the code;Press and hold the Ctrl key while tapp
Email I received from a lady stating she wanted beneficiary (2 comments) 08/03/2022... Details / precisions: Can anybody provide any feedback on this