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Stop afschrijven 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Stop met afschrijven, ik heb en wil geen abonnement bij jullie. En anders zeg ik die per direct, bij dit schrijven op. Wilco bos 
Bersatu melawan penipuan (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Aset Terbesar adalah kepercayaan publik 
Janatab (2 comments) 05/10/2024... Details / precisions: Hello..have you got any more information on ?
Question about my report (1 comment) 01/22/2024... How much take a time to solve my sacam problems.i have screenshot and videos.please slove my problam.because i am take money from my friends everyone blame me.and give 2 days more then he comes take owen money.thats why i ask how much take a time to so (1 comment) 12/08/2023... Details / precisions: Hi, Im the owner of, i see that you give us a low rating. How can we upgrade this? We do have a couple of google reviews.
My purchase from this site was a Scam 11/09/2023... I purchased on aivoryisle a product that they were selling & i never received the product & o never authorized the payment. I've been looking for the website but i cant seem to find it.
VivoHolding (1 comment) 10/11/2023... Details / precisions: Good afternoon. I am writing to request that the negative review on Vivo Holding be removed. 
Is legit (1 comment) 08/29/2023... Details / precisions: I ordered a tv from I need to know if it is legit 
I am trying to submit my story (2 comments) 08/28/2023... I am being asked to send 5.00 now. I have no way to do that because I haven’t received my new debit card. He has all my personal information so everything is frozen
User statistic (1 comment) 08/26/2023... Where is mentioned 'you have informed 117 Internet users!' regarding my scam report: is this about 117 different users (ip addresses) or does it include me each time I open the report?
Fake reviews about my business (1 comment) 08/23/2023... Hi, I'm the owner of the evade-tools which appear to us that some competitors are starting to post fake reviews about us just to look bad and promote their business. We kindly ask you to check the report stated below and delete it
Balletpatch (4 comments) 08/21/2023... Details / precisions: Can I trust balletpatch for purchases 
About profile (1 comment) 08/12/2023... Dear Sir or Madam My name is Christian Ericsen. I'm bothering you to request the cancellation of the post: Our reasons for the request are: The article is irrelevant. Any type of prosecution or conviction was dismisse
I got the email to confirm my report but nowhere to click confirm 07/27/2023... I filed my report and got the email to confirm but when I clicked the link it Took me to my report but I couldn’t see where to click to confirm. Space I have I done that right is it just that you have to open the link to confirm? Have to open the link to con
My ex posted a nude of me here (1 comment) 03/03/2023... Hey guys  My ex harassing me and he posted a nude pick of myself on this website and also photos of me and children under 18. Now the photos appears on google search when you type my email adress. I reported it to scamwatcher but they didn't remove at least
Amaon66.come offers part time job (1 comment) 02/28/2023... Details / precisions: Does anyone have experience about this side? Pleas help me with information 
Can I get my invested money back and can you locate the scammer? (1 comment) 02/13/2023... Details / precisions: Marajo tower,312 4th Ave, Taguig,1434 metro manila
Why does you website ask to click on a totally in releated link? (1 comment) 12/31/2022... Why are you sending confirmation emails from soe unconformed non relevant domain that actually does a redirct to some random digital marketing website
I cannot report a scam because don't have fraud site email (1 comment) 12/17/2022... Details / precisions: scamwatcher does not allow to report scam site due to the absence of email address of the fraud site
Can you help in the money recovery? (2 comments) 12/09/2022... Details / precisions:  I have been scammed by Henry Harris Investment Club. I lost $225,000.00. Can you recomend a legit person who can help me recover my money?
preferred posting/pasting material (2 comments) 09/12/2022... When posting/pasting in the "Scam Contents *" field, I'm assuming that the preferred material is the full header and body code? If so, I use the Thunderbird email package and I use these keyboard shortcuts to get the code;Press and hold the Ctrl key while tapp
Email I received from a lady stating she wanted beneficiary (3 comments) 08/03/2022... Details / precisions: Can anybody provide any feedback on this