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poelsearch. com charges 2 days ago... i have these charges on my card and i don’t recognise this purchase/subscription and want to CANCEL or be reimbursed for charge made over the past months.  I have reported these charges. Reporting to authorities as i send this to you. PLEASE CANCEL SUBSCRI
Porque me están cobrando one week ago... Details / precisions: Porque el cobro de $21.90 en
Prélèvements indus (1 comment) one week ago... Bonjour  Vous faites des prélèvements indus a mon insu  J.e veux que ces prélèvements soient stopper immédiatement avant une procédure judiciaire  Cordialement  Me Guérin 
Chcę anulować członkostwo (2 comments) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: please cancel my subscription
Paybyterd is a scam?? (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: They don't want to send me the money 
Cancel service (2 comments) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: I did not sign up for the service. How do I cancel this? (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Where's my purchase 
You take money from my visa but i did not gif you permission 3 weeks ago... You pick money from me since november 2023 but i never give permission to do this. Will you please zend my money back ,i do not knew you my visa will go to the judge if
I have lost a lot of money in this website please help me to get 3 weeks ago... Details / precisions: I have lost a lot of money in this website please
Why do take money from my visa number i give never my permission (2 comments) 3 weeks ago... Since november last year you take every month €90,00 from my visa world card , i never give permission to do this and i advisece you to give my money back. My number is 4563533589735142 i did never heard of you.
I wAnt y'all to give me my money back now (1 comment) 05/19/2024... Details / precisions: I'm want my money back and to be taken off your site right now 
Fake alert (1 comment) 05/12/2024... Details / precisions: Can I get the real link for fake transfer reflecting 
Nowmeetplan (1 comment) 05/06/2024... hola necesito la dirección de e-mail de Nowmeetplan. Me han estafado un total de 84€. 42€ el mes de junio y otros 42€ el mes de julio. Me han dado de alta no sé  cómo y ni siquiera sé ni qué es ni nada. Por favor, necesito la dirección de email de
Deleted report (1 comment) 05/05/2024... Details / precisions: Why is deleted report still visible on google search?
Deleted report 05/05/2024... Details / precisions: Why is deleted report still visible on google search?
Can I get my money back from for my order (1 comment) 05/05/2024... Details / precisions:  I ordered a e bike and paid tor it and can't get any info about it and have not got it 51 bucks gone
PC shopping (2 comments) 04/29/2024... I went shopping on April 6,I bought a computer, but it has not been sent to me yet.My product has no arrived, I would appreciate your help,thank you.My order number; 2024040682127749,payment amount 5.215+21=5.236 Japanese Yen,thank you.
Money scam (1 comment) 04/27/2024... Details / precisions: Winky started taking my money since Janruary 2024, already took almost 100 or more than 100 pounds. Please help me to cover my money back
Clicked on a link and said I was blocked so I'm not sure what to (1 comment) 04/23/2024... I signed up earlier a couple hours ago and I checked my email but a half hour later and clicked on the link to activate and it wouldn't let me activate and then I clicked on a link here and it said I was blocked and I was just trying to help out cuz I just got is not a scam 04/13/2024... Hi,I am writing because my brand and ecommerce store needs to be verified that we are no scammers. How I can make it happen? Sincerely, Gustavs
I’m trying to contact what I thought was Amazon . No phone # 04/12/2024... Details / precisions: Can’t get a phone number for customer service 
Deleting a post (1 comment) 04/12/2024... Hi, I originally posted under I did not create an account under this email. I have since been able to resolve the issues I listed. I need to delete my post as it is now incorrect and defaming the company that fixed the problem. Please delet
cancel transaction (1 comment) 04/11/2024... Details / precisions: Please cancel my membership transaction, Regards  Mr Keith Arkless
You have charged my account! Why? (1 comment) 04/10/2024... Dear, You have debited my account from your address (UWORKCS.COM). I did not order any goods from you, so I am wondering on what basis you deducted two amounts from my account. Thank you very much and best regards Danilo Rejc
Why do you people enjoy being jerks (1 comment) 04/06/2024... Why do people very much enjoy being jerks erasing people's reports it's very mean of you just stop doing it Google what they should do is they should permanently terminate your page so it doesn't exist anymore. People should no longer put scam reports on your (1 comment) 04/04/2024... Hi. I am writing because my brand and e-commerce store need to be verified that we are not scammers. How I can make it happen? Sincerely,  Gustavs 04/04/2024... I let look into my IBV banking verification and then there was silence not letting me know if I'm approved or not. I tried to call the company but nothing. Just rings rings a few times then a voice-mail without naming themselves  Please let me
I've been charged for something I have not signed for (1 comment) 04/03/2024... Details / precisions: Why have I been charged ?
Estafas (1 comment) 04/01/2024... Details / precisions: Alguien sabe si esta web es estafa ,
Numarul meu de telefon este făcut public,DE CE? (1 comment) 04/01/2024... Am făcut o reclamație pentru situl CHUMIAO și acum mă sună diverse persoane,la fel,înșelate că și mine. De ce numărul meu telefon este făcut public?!?!?!?!
Numarul meu de telefon este făcut public,DE CE? (1 comment) 04/01/2024... Details / precisions: Mi se încalca dreptul la confidențialitatea a datelor cu caracter personal!!!!! Ștergeți -mi numărul 
De ce apare numărul de telefon afișat pe site?!?! 03/29/2024... Details / precisions: De ce apare numărul meu telefon in mod public. Mă sună diverse persoane....
Billing from Plancalendars Nicosia (1 comment) 03/29/2024... I got two payments on my credit card for PlancalendarsNicosia, see attachments. How can this be when I have never ordered anything and my email is as well not known to your site? Kindly return the money to my Credit card account. Eduard Platel
Why are you taking money out of my bank I never even heard of you (2 comments) 03/28/2024... Details / precisions: $80 has been taken out of my bank today I've spoken to my bank and it comes back to you never heard of you want my money back I'm going to report this 
UK Bank account direct debit of 47e (1 comment) 03/26/2024... When on holiday in France, on October 21st we bought a French mobile sim card. Little did we know that your organisation would be charging us 47e per month for the privilege - can you therefore tell us what this payment is for and then cancel it forthwith reim (1 comment) 03/25/2024... Details / precisions: I was charged for something I didn't buy or purchase 
Is a legit website (2 comments) 03/23/2024... Details / precisions: Is Modawee a legit website
Money (1 comment) 03/22/2024... Details / precisions: Why you take my money . I have not buy anyting from you
Activate account 03/21/2024... Details / precisions: You emailed me to activate my account but when I clicked on the link I was told it was an invalid entry. So what gives??
Please help me delete no and actual comments (1 comment) 03/18/2024... I seriously suspect that the comments on this website are made by my peers and damage the image of my website. Please help me delete the negative and actual comments, thank you. Happy every day
Unsubscribe me Immediately. (1 comment) 03/15/2024... Details / precisions: Unsubscribe me immediately.
I went to check other scam reports I made and I got the message I (1 comment) 03/13/2024... I clicked on all these numbers to tell you all the different scam reports you made on here and I got the message I was blocked and I did nothing wrong so obviously it's a glitch with your page can you fix it.
Help, remove my own review. (1 comment) 03/13/2024... The website won't remove my own review from JPNDATE. I put some wrong information in it by accident. Would like the review removed. Instead I got ip ban. Wtf. 
Please delete my review. 03/13/2024... Details / precisions: Hello I'm Mark Faraday. Please delete my review off It won't let me.
payback my money 3 x 24.99 from december 2023 till februari 2024 (2 comments) 03/06/2024...  BonjourTraduction :Veuillez rembourser les montants incorrectement débités de 3 x 25 euros. Je n'ai jamais donné l'autorisation pour cela et aucune information ne vous a été fournie.amortissement PYD"KORO.CC247.CC barcelona esp.Sinon, présentez simplem
Help I've been by (3 comments) 03/05/2024... Details / precisions: I've been scammed by and i was wondering if u could give me some advice on how i can get my money back 
I ordered something but they never delivered it to me (1 comment) 03/04/2024... Details / precisions: My order 
can i have a website removed from scam watch ? (1 comment) 03/03/2024... Greetings i have a clients site that is showing up on here i was wondering if it can be removed ? the business is not a scam as i have ordered and received items from them several times 
I need legal help to remove fake website (1 comment) 02/28/2024... Details / precisions: I want to remove fake website
When is the deadline of the course? (1 comment) 02/27/2024... I have done the course and finished but i don't know the deadline and how many people are in the dark and the agent who claims to be given the demand letter she is not giving the full details