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Возврат денег 23 hours ago... Details / precisions: У меня был снята деньги с карты 29.99 долларов. Я хочу что мои средства вернули обратно
امتلك أموال علي منصه sky remit (1 comment) one day ago... Details / precisions: لدي مبلغ علي sky remit واريد تحويل اللي  الي بنك و اهم شيء الثقه في التعامل
Delivery 3 days ago... Good afternoon, the status says that the parcel arrived at the specified address, but I still haven’t received anything, what happened?Tracking Number:KXJ3082111219HH
What is URL 4 days ago... Details / precisions: Report a scam site
I want to fix my website (1 comment) 4 days ago... Details / precisions: I want to fix our website so it is 99 % trustworthy Please give me the steps to top this Thank you.
Is this landlord legit 5 days ago... I've been looking for a house in Oklahoma city & I came across this one on movoto/real estate, which is a normal place to look for rentals. & I came across this one house I'm going to send you the link to it. & when I text the phone number he sent me a link th
Has anyone been scammed by (1 comment) 5 days ago... Details / precisions: Does anybody know this fake company? Had any experience? I can’t get my money back
I want to fix my website it is 100% legit (1 comment) one week ago... The most we ask for to take a look at our platform is 149.00 and you have 30 days to review the information and if not interested we refund your 149.00 so why would you rate my site bad? Thank you
i have oreder number is #25949 one week ago... Details / precisions: i sent worng email correct email is 2 sketcher shoses
How to my money back in scamer one week ago... Details / precisions: How to withdraw money from scammer?
BMK loans Ireland is this a scam one week ago... Details / precisions: B I U
Is just42 shoes a scam one week ago... Details / precisions: Is just42 as scam
I placed orders in July & August.Have not received anything yet 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: When can I expect orders. 8/9  $45.30 8/23 $49.45,  8/23  $48.48
Is there a way to get back crypto 2 weeks ago... I made payments from wallet exchanges (kucoin and okx) to multiple addresses. Now I have realised it was all a scam. Is there a way to trace and get my crypto back from my scammers?
about My email for the Scamm report (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Hello dear sir need to ask the correct person since someone put my email in the Scamme report 
Where is my package? 2 weeks ago... Hello, I haven't received my goods yet , I also contacted Collis but haven't received anything yet , I have ordered many items so far but only got a refund , I hope you follow it up so I can order more and trust you again .
I want my money back (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Brand mall scamming people. 
Md-usdt platform (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Md-usdt platform lost us please if you can do something.. and i need my deposit money.. soo help me to take my capital money 🙏🏻
Remove the rating (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Hello this is owner of the business XzavAquatics. It seems that you have put my business with a trust rating of 2%. Not only are you slandering my business, you are deterring potential customers on an unproven basis. My business is legitimate and has been runn
Need update for Analysis of the website "" (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Hello Scamwatcher Team, I'm the owner of, and I kindly request an update to our Trust Index. We've received positive reviews on our site, particularly on Trustpilot, where we've garnered nine 5-star reviews to date. We believe that this i
Where is my order? It said it shipped on the 9th. Tracking doesn 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: If I don't find out where my order is. I will decline your and get my money back!
Cancellation of contract (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... In July, we received an unauthorized charge for the card from this website.The card has been suspended for the moment, but I would like to request cancellation and refund.Thank you.
Personal info on scam report attachment 3 weeks ago... Please remove the attachment from my scam report on It contains personal information
Asked for a refund 3 weeks ago... The phone number they provided on my credit card statement for them doesn’t work and neither did their email. I asked my credit card company to dispute the charges and they gave me a credit but then they talked to Besteduforprofi and they said that I couldn
Money from my account (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Details / precisions: There was money taken off my card i did not authorize i knew nothing about how do i get it back?
What’s your tel no for 24 /7 enquiries? (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Details / precisions: See above 
Scammed by How do I get my money back? (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Deposited crypto funds to, but when I tried to withdraw some I found that I could not. Customer service said I had to deposit half my balance to verify my identity and “unfreeze” my account. Does anyone know a reliable and trusted recover se
My account (1 comment) 4 weeks ago... Details / precisions: want to cancel my profile and post but it doesn't take my email address and the password can't be reset
emily luthensa - fast option 4 weeks ago... hi..does anyone on here deal with this lady /company ...ive invested several thousand and no return always always a stumbling block i think shes a scam..any information would be great i would liek to think shes ok but ahoy...
Block phone 4 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Can they block a person number 09/04/2023... I believe I have been scam, by Lucy Li Man as well. I have the money in the I paid the taxes now they want 10k deposit for wind control as a verification. How would I go about it to get my money back?
Bedbath and beyond 09/03/2023... Has anyone else been involved in this internet fraud. They called themselves bedbathandbeyond. The bank phoned me and said they will hold back the payment. But more needs to be done to criminalise these people. 
Hackers 08/31/2023... Hi, First of all, thanks for the information you give on your website, I was about to fall into a scam on the page, but I found your page and fortunately I didn't fall for it anymore. Honestly, I am looking for someone to help me with entering t (1 comment) 08/28/2023... Details / precisions: Is it a site that defrauds people 
order (1 comment) 08/26/2023... Hello, I ordered a Lenovo laptop from your promotion. a price of €1.95 was announced, I paid it. Then another 85 euros were taken from my account. Why?Is this a scam? I will report you!
Delete report (1 comment) 08/24/2023... Details / precisions: Delete report 
Does this company still exist? If so what is their working phone? (1 comment) 08/23/2023... Details / precisions: I have a lease  renewal due and none of the numbers listed work. Does the company still exist or are they operating under another name?
Does anyone ask for your social security number on line for Healt 08/22/2023... Details / precisions: Does anyone ask for your name,birthday, address, and social security number on line
Unauthorised payment (1 comment) 08/22/2023... Details / precisions: Can i get my refund of £29.90 taken from my account (1 comment) 08/20/2023... Details / precisions: Please help check this email address I think it a scam
We buys welder from Tikias this shop is it scam? 08/17/2023... Details / precisions: We buys welder from Tikias this shop is it scam?
Sponsored/Guest Post Proposal. (1 comment) 08/16/2023... Hello,What is the guest post price of your website..?Please let me know what is the guest post price at I am waiting for your positive response. If your price is reasonable, not high, then we will give you an order.Thanks.And I wil
E- mail cím alapján hogyan találom meg a csalókat? 08/10/2023... Sajnos a kapott levelek gmail címen jöttek. A fejléc nem jeleníti meg a feladó IP címét csak a proxy szerverét. :-(  Valaki tudna tanácsot adni? Már ha az országot és várost betudnám határolni az jó lenne. Köszönöm!
How can I find a URL of a bogus website? (1 comment) 08/10/2023... Details / precisions: I ordered a pair of Hoka shoes for my wife and am still waiting for delivery. Having great trouble tracking down the website URL.
Blocking to check previous pages 08/09/2023... Hello, May you kindly unblock checking previous pages. When I finish checking my recent page #(1), and try to check other pages (2,3,4...etc.), I get a message that I'm blocked! I want to know the reasons of blocking me?   And how to remove that blockin
About scam from textdiy 08/08/2023... Details / precisions: Can i try somehow to return my money from Textdiy?
How do I find out if a company is legit and not a scam (1 comment) 08/01/2023... Ordered items from bed bath beyond liquidation sale . Credit card co called to verify my use. I was told is women's clothing store in London England. I purchased garden hoses not clothing
How can I get my money back from some Opay Paycom account (1 comment) 08/01/2023... The details of the accounts: Name: Eremena Treasure Simon Account: 9130017692 Bank: Opay (Paycom) Amount: N187,000 Date: 31 July 2023. Name: Adeola Blessing Ogele Account: 8169415287 Bank: Opay (Paycom) Amount: N66,000 and N25,000. Date: 29 July 202 (2 comments) 08/01/2023... demanded that taxes are paid first from outside money before allowing withdrawals, after paying taxes, withdrawals were rejected again alleging that the account is under money laundering because a couple of transfers were made from another IP addre
site legitimacy reassessment request (1 comment) 07/30/2023... Good afternoon! we filled out and sent all the necessary information over a week ago to you so that you can re-evaluate the legitimacy and trust for our site, please check the information and update the data. We lose customer loyalty due to incorre