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Is https://innerplace. shop/ a scam? one day ago... Details / precisions: They are offering me a job and said they will train me. What should I do or ask before I proceed?
Uppsägning (1 comment) one week ago... Details / precisions: Vill avsluta denna tjänst. Mvh Lucas Blomberg 
Bad email when trying to sign up one week ago... Details / precisions: i try to sign up to your website and during the enrollment i got a message of wrong email address.
Refund (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: I didn't sign up for this so I want my money back 
Por si es estafa 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Hola este es el correo que hablo por unas compras que ice por feibook de un like de amazom y queria saber si es confiable
Is this spell caster a scam? 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Hi am wondering if this person baba tunde is scam please? Here is email address 
I need an email resent (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: I reported a scam and was told to check my email to validate my claim and no email was sent to me.
سلام رمز key 3 weeks ago... Details / precisions: کey را فراموش کردم
Sir i will pay money 6000 dihram transfer Dubai burjman agCristal (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... 2 years ago about Poland work permit i will pay 6000 dihram transfer but still 2 years finished agncay don't give me work permit and he not returned my money back so i have with my proof money transfer receipt and agncay address and location 
Subscription I didnot ask for (2 comments) 4 weeks ago... In my overview of my ICS account I saw a credit from PYD* of € 24,99 at 17-1-2024. I didnot subscribe and order anything so please return my payment and cancel my registration immediately. H.G.Vaasen 
klickl withdrawal of assets (1 comment) 01/24/2024... I am trying to withdraw my assets from my asset account on klickl however they want me to pay 30% tax upfront which they will transfer to the sec is this normal? bill
Website incorrectly listed as potential SCAM (1 comment) 01/19/2024... Hi, our company website and online store ( has received a very bad trust rating from your site (28 - 40%) differs daily ?? We are in a very competitive industry which is the Back-up Power and Solar Market in South Africa. Consumers are
I wish to unsubscribe please (1 comment) 01/16/2024... Details / precisions: I wish to unsubscribe please
Invertí un dinero en una aplicación 01/15/2024... Details / precisions: mis kiero saber si puedo recuperar el dinero invertido o puedo proceder a reportar como estafa
Invertí un dinero en una aplicación 01/15/2024... Details / precisions: tengo dinero en una aplicación 
Scam 01/14/2024... I order a crossbow thinking it was Cabelas. But it was a scam. They took $22.75 from my checking account, I was using my debit card. What do I do now. Payment is pending @ back but it will go through Monday. How do I stop this & get my money back. 
Is the 1400 substy real for me 01/13/2024... Details / precisions: I keep seeing the ad for 1400 and 1600 but when I call I get hung up on after I tell them I got Cigna insurance through marketplace ,is the 1300 real
Why are u charging me 42 £ from my account? (1 comment) 01/13/2024... Details / precisions: Hi I got call today morning from bank you guys try to charge me 42£,  for fucking what?? I'm first time here, I don't know you
ANSTNSD.SHOP (1 comment) 01/07/2024... Details / precisions: Is this a good company?  Are they reliable?
Delete report (1 comment) 01/07/2024... Delete all information about Nataly from Miss4ya.  I was the one who mentioned her on this website. Can the profile be removed from my name and for which I take responsibility. My name is Djoy Biesheuvel from the Netherlands.
Cash App and denied claims (1 comment) 01/04/2024... I ordered an item from a scam site and reported this to cash app. They have denied my claim and when I appealed they denied again without giving me any information as to how they came about their decision. They also informed me that excessive request for charg
anyone ever work with TheManifest platform for app optimisation (1 comment) 01/03/2024... I had this girl reach out through a recruiter for an online app optimization work. Not sure if this is a scam can some one comment. The site they use is either or or the, They claim their office is in Washi
I can't cancel (1 comment) 12/30/2023... I was bamboozled thinking I was gonna try this site free for 5 days and possibly canceling. They ripped me off and charged me $1.95. But in 5 days they will charge me $49.95. This is the site
Stop subscription (2 comments) 12/30/2023... I want to stop my subscription I have contacted my bank money has been taken out £29.85 I want to cancel as I did not do this fraud team is looking in to it. I want refund please 
Ik wil mijn documenten verwijderen ik wilde hulp geen post openba (1 comment) 12/29/2023... Details / precisions: Ik wil mijn documenten verwijderen ik wilde hulp, geen forum. Nu ptaat mijn order openbaar gepost! En wil mijn post verwijderen.
My money return (1 comment) 12/29/2023... Details / precisions: I orderd on 27 may but I haven get it. My money is for nothing .can u please my money return?
My money has not been paid to me its alot of money 12/24/2023... Details / precisions: Evetytime she says I must pay for an item I will recieve my money within 5min then I do it n q
Privacy Concerns (1 comment) 12/21/2023... Hello, I wanted to bring up a concern regarding the evaluation process for my website using the "SCAMDOC SCORE CLAIM FORM." As I reviewed the criteria, I noticed the requirement to disclose personal information, specifically the directive that "Home address
I cant figure out if Waitrose& is a real genuine site (1 comment) 12/20/2023... Details / precisions: waitrose& 
Are they coming 12/14/2023... Details / precisions: I ordered Ariat books from gnoskas and I'm not getting it yet
Hello (1 comment) 12/12/2023... Details / precisions: Has anyone used scamdiggers to retrieve money please
order 12/12/2023... Details / precisions: I don't get my money if the order is canceled.
Am plătit o comandă de pe site-ul https://asalero.cloneheads. net 12/11/2023... Details / precisions: https://asalero.cloneheads. net/checkout? orderid=17013632246568b e18c21f4 aceasta este numărul comenzii plătite.
Can I refund my money back 😭😭 12/07/2023... Details / precisions: B I 
Why am I banned ? 12/06/2023... Details / precisions: Why am I banned from phone reliability?
Kibsnolás 12/03/2023... Details / precisions: Az oldal kibanolt mit tudok tenni ilyen esetben
I was Scammed 12/02/2023...  Hello I just purchased some thing through Bath and body Works and read the reviews after the fact and it was a scam how do I go about getting my money back because they their email doesn’t exist I’m sure you know that already so if you have any informati
Change website it shows our old website at scamwatcher 11/30/2023... Hello, With respect I recently saw my website has 2% trust we’ve changed our website (domain: to ( i hope you will receive my message please change it and remove the we don’t use or update the website anymo
Crypto recovery 11/30/2023... Details / precisions: With recovery software can someone steal your bitcoins ? 
How to gety money back. 11/29/2023... Details / precisions: Get my money back. From
How to gety money back. 11/29/2023... Details / precisions: Get my money back. From
If a company is legit 11/27/2023... Details / precisions: I'm trying to figure out if THESIS is a legit company or I should go for it ?
Data optimizer or data driving jobs? Has anyone done thus job be (4 comments) 11/27/2023... Details / precisions: Is data driving or optimizing a real job?  Anyone been scammed by start booking or kayak or tmdb or ponteminnovations
bună ziua (1 comment) 11/26/2023... bună ziua lucrez pentru centrul comercial online as vrea sa știu dacă bani mei îi pot loa că am finalizat toate comenzile și acum când am incercat sa retrag bani îmi spune sa plătesc impozitul la ei să-mi pot retrage bani as vrea sa știu după ce pl
Why do you people have to be such jerks on this page (2 comments) 11/25/2023... Why do you people have to be such jerks when it comes to people putting post on here why do you jerks keep deleting them I would like you to stop doing that it's very wrong of you 
Anyone know Agent RichardK-Delma / 11/25/2023... He Scammed me of $500 and ruined my good credit with my Bank and Credit Cards it happened in May of this year I am unable to locate him i have been in a financial downfall since and i have no way to resolve it , If anyone knows where he may be located I'm sure
Can I get back my money 11/24/2023... Details / precisions: Will I be able to get my money back?
Ticket on my placed report here you have cancelled 11/22/2023... Dear Sirs, Yesterday I have posted here my report on the scam company, who personate the actual company named AIRA Securities PCL in Thailand. My intention was to warn others, but by unknown reason it has been deleted from here shortly after
site (1 comment) 11/21/2023... Cette société propose de vous accompagne sur l'amélioration de l'habitat et réclame des pièces comme CNI  TAXE Foncière et A vis d'imposition. Quelqu'un connais leurs site est récent et annonce beaucoup  de CA et clients en moins de 6 mois c est biz
I'm scammed by the fraudulent website and I want to back my money 11/19/2023... A few days ago I invested in a website called But I can't withdraw my money. They say you can withdraw after depositing 2287 usdt. But I can't believe them. I think my money is in the resort. So I want to withdraw but they are not giving withd