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Can I recover my purchase cost? (1 comment) 9 hours ago... Details / precisions: I am out $132. I can't afford to be out that money. Is there any way I can recover it?
Info on my scam report (1 comment) one day ago... I submitted a scam report to your website and I included a bunch of pictures to help you understand what I was talking about, not knowing that the scam report would be put online for other people to see.. Please block out my name and address and phone number a
Parcel one day ago... Details / precisions: Trying to tracked down my parcel I ordered before Christmas 
Report a scam (2 comments) 4 days ago... I wanted to report a scam email and a scam URL. But your site didn't accept it as the URL is invalid. It is normal that the URL is invalid as it is a scam. How can I report the scam if I cannot post it?
Are there any victims of Blackkeiser or Capenus? one week ago... I am a victim of cryptocurrency scam. I was scammed by Blackkeiser and Capenus which seems to be Caulcrick Global Tech. They said I can recover money but then I had to make deposits after deposits. First I received 4.56 ETH from Blackkeiser on Capenus which se
Is legit (1 comment) one week ago... Details / precisions: Need to know if is legit
Why have I received an item I did not order??? Was I billed (1 comment) one week ago... How the hell do you tell me you'll help with a scam then tell me fraudulent email I typed in was wrong. No shit Sherlock. That's why I'm investigating cause I have no order #. I have no website I ordered item from. I have NO info except for email I received be
I bought a toole box (1 comment) one week ago... Details / precisions: I bought this till box and I hope it is coming if not I would like a refund
I need to find out if this lady is a real landlord thru this site one week ago... She sais she had 2 and 3 bedroom rentals available now with no money down. At this address online it's can you tell me how would I check to see if this is real or fake scam thank you Karen lee and down below it sais choose file (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Is this a legit site?
Is a real company? (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: I just placed an order with this company. Have I been scanned?
My ex post a nude of myself on this website 2 weeks ago... Hey guys My ex is harassing me and he posted a nude pick of myself on this website without my consent and also photos of me and children under 18 without their consent . I reported it to scamwatcher but they didn't remove at least the nude pick and children ph
I would like to know if is a scam (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Just want to know if is a scam
Je voudrais connaître votre avis (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... bonjour j'ai été victime d'une fraude. J'ai recruté une société pour récupérer les fonds du nom de world assets recovery llc qui me semble être au Royaume-Uni ? Sont-ils honnêtes. Ils m'ont fait un contrat et m'ont demandé 1500 $.en Philippe Proulx 
Is this a scam (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: I ordered a sweeper from they took my money for shipping and handling and I haven't got package is this a scam??
Does this exchange look legitimate? (2 comments) 2 weeks ago... Details / precisions: Does anyone have an opinion on the legitimacy of this exchange? Thank you!
Is a legitimate company for purchasing a chair? (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... 1. Price & shipping costs are rather exceptional. 2. Home-page company-info seems incongruent to the products offered.  3. No address or phone info is given. 4. Tax is not tabulated.
does this website shows user email (2 comments) 2 weeks ago... does the website scamwatcher dispalys the email address of the user who comments on the repot or writes a report or would anyone able to find out my email address if i post a comment.
Obtaining my order details and receiving date (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... To dear all, I am Nuvan Kasyapa. I am from Sri Lanka. I placed an order with you on February 18, 2023 and made payment for it and the end. But I have not received any information about it so far. I will send the details of the transaction here. Please give
Is legitimate? (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... I was approached by someone who I think is a cryptocurrency scammer who wants me to use as an investment platform. Seems like a scam to me. Please advise if you have any info about
Ripped off!! Is it possible to get my folks money back for them? (3 comments) 4 weeks ago... Ordered a nativity scene for their yard. What came was the size of a piece of notebook paper. Please help!  The seller used my Mom’s credit card number to create a PayPal account. They will not help her get a refund. They want her to open a PayPal account i
Out $53.57 scam of nativity scene site 4 weeks ago... Received the ordered yard nativity scene that was ordered. It’s about the size of a piece of notebook paper. Contacted PayPal because the seller opened an account in my name to make it easier to make the transaction on their end. PayPal will not help me get
Both sites have banned me from logging in for no reason (1 comment) 02/18/2023... Details / precisions: These sites keep banning me from logging in for no reason at all what did i do wrong? Please tell me why i’m being ip banned
Can I get back my money? 02/15/2023... Details / precisions: I'm a victim by Emovieplan.  How can I get back my money? 
Is legit (1 comment) 02/11/2023... Details / precisions: Is asked with legit
invested in crypto with How to Become Rich with Bitcoin with Marc (1 comment) 02/06/2023... He is from Arizona and i'd like to know if this is a scam because I haven't been able to get any money back only pay his fees which I think are made up but I don't know for sure.  Can you tell me if this is a scam.
What should I do?? (2 comments) 02/04/2023... Hi, I have ordered something online and paid it in full but never got my ordered. I'm waiting and still waiting patiently for them to deliver it. I have emailed them , tried calling but seems like i cant get thru and they responded back by email. I've never di
I’ve been posted as a scammer (1 comment) 01/31/2023... Details / precisions: How do I delete what’s written about me. The info on me is put by a chick that sends sex photos and than ask for money if you don’t pay you end up here 
My website info is not reflected correctly. How can I fix it? (1 comment) 01/26/2023... The privacy is disabled on my godaddy account, and it is relfecting in whois but not on scamdoc. Also, my domain will expire in 2026 and whois is reporting the same, but scamdoc is reflecting that it expires in 2023. How can I update this to increase my scorin
I paid with my credit card for products and have not received my (1 comment) 01/24/2023... Details / precisions: I got scamed how can I get my money back?
Delete scammer report (1 comment) 01/24/2023... I reported a scammer on your website and need to delete it. I cant log in with the email address i registered with even though my confirmation was sent to that exact email addresses.(  What do i do? 
Order not received paid for it already (3 comments) 01/24/2023... Details / precisions: I want my order ASAP that I already paid for.
لقد وضعت اموالى فى موقع احتيال واحتاج مساعدتكم ولك نسبه (1 comment) 01/23/2023... Details / precisions: (1 comment) 01/22/2023... Details / precisions: Hello every body, has any one hère delt before with this website
Charges 01/17/2023... Details / precisions: Confirmation-AZSA-668268441042
how to return just got this dont want 01/14/2023... Details / precisions: earbuds
I accidentally put my real phone number in phone fraud. PLEASE (1 comment) 01/14/2023... Details / precisions: I mistakenly put my phone number as phone fraud. Please help me delete that report
Has anyone heard of financeglobalexchange? Is it a scam? (2 comments) 01/14/2023... Details / precisions: They asked me to pay a receivers fee and a safe delivery fee in order to receive my profits
Contact (2 comments) 01/11/2023... Details / precisions: How i can contact the scamwatcher team. It have any email adress. Thank you for  info
I need to know if this site is reliable? (1 comment) 01/08/2023... Details / precisions:
Finding website information (1 comment) 01/06/2023... Details / precisions:
Mark Peterson engineer 01/06/2023... Details / precisions: Claims to be a marine engineer that says that he will buy me a house and move to my home state
Why did you delete my post on that lady I put up I don't like how (3 comments) 01/05/2023... Details / precisions: I put up a post on this lady and now all the sudden it's gone I don't like how you do that I would like you to stop doing that
Received a text from (1 comment) 12/24/2022... Details / precisions: Received a text message stating my shipping label is damaged and need payment for replacement label (1 comment) 12/23/2022... Details / precisions: Is this a scam or is this the real thing because I can't withdraw my money that is said to be available.
Could you please tell me why I am being charged $97 for you to le 12/21/2022... Details / precisions: BIU
Could this be a scam? 12/18/2022... I was contacted by a woman and after just a few minutes of talking, she kept insisting I use my camera, to chat using video. I didn't want to, but she kept pushing me.. I noticed her name changed(I'm using Facebook messenger) from a woman's name to a man's a
My phone number (1 comment) 12/16/2022... My phone number is on here why?  I ordered stuff from this site in Oct. And they took my money. Now their saying it was delivered.  I didn't get it and they won't tell me where it was delivered to. But I need my number took down. I am sick of the calls. 
Why is this website still able to operate? 12/07/2022... I got burned by Total fake scam company. I stupidly bought two items. Their email address came back as undeliverable, no phone number and their address is to a single family home. Their terms and conditions have been taken from a company