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APPROVED APPLICATION / NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT - REFERENCE #J734711 02/17/2023... Please be aware everyone! I thought i was quite savvy but very nearly fell for it. Baliff phoning , sent through court papers.  Demanding money over the phone or they would come round.
Alfred Lin Niece Scam 01/06/2023... Details / precisions: It is an active scam.  An elderly family member has just lost $400k  https://www.scamwatcher.com/scam/view/545691
Lottery scam 10/30/2022... These scam starting from dating apps(tantan). At first I match with this girl. And then we shared mobile number.Actually These girl works together to scam you guys, starting from hundred dollars and this girl teach you what to do with this (f2f vip) scam in
Scam (4 comments) 10/03/2022... A few days ago I placed a scamsite link and my mobile nr is showing. Can you pls remove my mobile nr as I want to do this anonymous pl remove my mobile  Thank you
Romance scam (1 comment) 07/23/2022... Details / precisions: Roymenard69@gmail.com started chatting to me on hinge. He’s a scammer, how do I report this in the UK?