Phishing scams

Phishing is a scam technique used by phishers to recover sensitive data by masquerading as trusted organizations.

To make this scam, scammers create fake websites that look like official versions. To better target their victims, they usurp identities well known to the general public : banks, telephone operators, energy suppliers... In a second step, they send a large number of emails (SPAMS) by inviting users to enter their login information or bank details !

In UK or USA, the main usurped identities are : PayPal, EDF,...

To report phishing, simply complete this form.

Last reported scams 12/19/2022... Comment / Review: Hopefully this website will be terminated, this website is also scattered on youtube comments section.. Scam contents: Asking for email and Credit card credentials. +8449079376 Walmart gift card (2 comments) 12/14/2022... They keep sending texts and emails to people randomly claiming they won prizes, gift cards, money, Walmart products, and more. At a later stage, people are asked to pay for the shipping fees and some taxes to claim their gifts. However, once they do that, the Walmart (1 comment) 12/10/2022... You receive an email that looks like it’s from Walmart, and it tells you that you’ve been chosen to participate in a survey for a chance to win “free” cookware. The whole email is an image with a link embedded in it. Click on the image/link, and you’ (9 comments) 12/10/2022... No question of using their trade mark! We have been trading as Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd for thirty plus years. This must be a scam. I have notified the American company whose name they are using but the English one doesn't have an email address on their we +448003683291 paypal (3 comments) 12/08/2022... I have received this email twice this week. I contacted PayPal, but nothing has been deducted from my account. This is certainly a scam. Has anyone else received this email? +94756115724 U.N RELIEF FUND PROGRAM (19 comments) 12/07/2022... I received a text message claiming I had won pounds and requesting my personal information.This is a scam. Be careful; do not believe them or provide them with your details. DHL -Express 12/06/2022... Comment / Review: Since I am expecting a package from China, I thought this was legit. Gave my cc number for a $1.95 free.. Scam contents: I needed to pay a shipping fee for a package to be delivered.
Amazon Global Online Wholesale Pallet 12/05/2022... Tracking now says addressee unknown. Beware of this scam! They will take your money with no shame or apologies. DO NOT ORDER FROM AMAZON GLOBAL ONLINE WHOLESALE PALLET! 12/02/2022... Comment / Review: I had to close my credit card account and notify my bank of the fraud.. Scam contents: Offer dewalt power tools at low low prices. Get personal and credit card info and charge credit card to hack account. Sylvia morrison parcel distribution support - (6 comments) 12/01/2022... Comment / Review: Reporting a scam email . Scam contents: Email telling me that I have been trying to contact me regarding a parcel that cannot be delivered. SUSPECTED SCAM! Fantasy Games 11/30/2022... Confirming your VISA card details and pay another fee of 2 - 3 EUR in order to get your shipping. By fishing your VISA card details you agreed to an abonnement with a monthly fee of 69.85 EUR. I have cancelled my VISA card immediately. BUT, BE AWARE! John Blue (29 comments) 11/30/2022... This is the 2nd such email: I deleted the first without making a copy. Lets just say it's complete bunkum, possibly except for the myspace password. (which I have no access to at the moment) from (EHLO []) by with
+18722391220 NOS energy 11/30/2022... They sent me a check for $3650, of which $650 is supposed to be mine, and I'm to call the number and set up where to send the other $3000 so they can put on the decal.Be careful with this scam, as these people are aiming to steal your money by sending you a fa
+19024028247 (2 comments) 11/29/2022... Comment / Review: points to phishing site above. Scam contents: text pretends to be from Canada post related to a delivery fee for a parcel. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61478612506 (1 comment) 11/28/2022... Comment / Review: unsolicieted. Scam contents: We could not contact you regarding your order, please update your information. SUSPECTED SCAM!
YOGADAYS.ONLINE (2 comments) 11/24/2022... Comment / Review: Please do something to stop these scammers.. Scam contents: I was scammed by YOGADAYS.ONLINE. They let me pay thru my credit card the $2.00 for delivery fee for my supposed reward from Google Reward System.
+16138937015 ONTARIO gov 11/24/2022... Be careful with texts purporting to be from the government.These scammers are aiming to steal your information along with your money.The government would never send such text messages or request your information this way. KOHL,S 11/18/2022... Comment / Review: I have received this scam Email and they pretend to be KOHL,S company. They asked my personal data probably for phishing.. Scam contents: KOHL,S limited time only BLACK FRIDAY. Hurry up. The number of prizes to be won is limited! Confirm now
+14692250522 11/16/2022... Comment / Review: This website was trying to get me to give up my credit card info but I did not. Scam contents: Trying to get your credit card information. SUSPECTED SCAM! Cotton Shannon (1 comment) 11/14/2022... Comment / Review: I received this email from Cotton Shannon with absolutely no clear information about what they want. Definitely a ruse. . Scam contents: Hello get back to me for more information Reply my direct email: Covid-19 11/14/2022... Fraudsters are sending emails to people claiming to be offering them a COVID-19 reward.These people are aiming to obtain people's confidential information to use it later for their own purposes.Be careful and do not trust them. Parcel Distribution Support 11/14/2022... Comment / Review: Be careful with this email, as these people are trying to scam people and steal their money along with their information.. Scam contents: Dear Kirk, We tried to reach you by phone several times without any success. We have received a pack +60199735089 Jian Wenwen (5 comments) 11/13/2022... I met a girl with an Asian appearance in a tinder, we had a nice conversation, at one moment unobtrusively offered to invest money in cryptocurrency and showed this site, then obsessively asked me to invest more money in this scam. The girl introduced herself
Passport AU 11/13/2022... Comment / Review: I am passing this on as a warning for everyone else who may or may not have received this yet. Scam contents: I received a text message claiming to be from Australian passport office. I have not pursued this further other than to warn people
+448003686353 Paypal (1 comment) 11/11/2022... Comment / Review: I've been receiving these texts purporting to be from Paypal recently. I haven't called them because obviously they're scammers.. Scam contents: Recieved a PayPal request: ROBERT GREEN sent you a money request NOTE FROM ROBERT GREEN: FRAUDULE Disney Plus CA 11/11/2022... Comment / Review: I received this email claiming to be from disney offering a disney subscription for only $2.00. Be careful and do not trust them. Scam contents: Get Disney Plus for two months price: $2.00
+19024416979 RED Cross Fiona 11/09/2022... Comment / Review: They send you a message promising to send you $500 From the Red Cross Fiona. Do not provide them with your confidential details. . Scam contents: *CAN RED CROSS Your application for $500 has been acknowledged. Every individual influenced by
+442922715308 11/08/2022... Comment / Review: Block it. . Scam contents: South Asian guy, Indian type accent, asking me about mobile phone provider etc. Got rid of him quickly. Unsolicited and nuisance. +18478747136 (4 comments) 11/06/2022... Comment / Review: What should I do? . Scam contents: They contacted me saying my debit card was locked and to call the number immediately. Then it asked for a bunch of information and I gave them my name, my social and stress number and also my card number. O Dick’s Sporting Goods 11/06/2022... You receive an email that looks like it’s from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and it tells you that you’ve been selected to participate in a survey for a chance to win an exclusive Yeti cooler. The entire email is just an image with a link embedded in it. Click Kohl’s (1 comment) 11/06/2022... You receive an email that looks like it’s from Kohl’s, and it tells you that you’ve been selected to participate in a survey for a chance to win a reward. The whole email is just an image with a link embedded in it. Click on the image/link, and you’ll Costco 11/06/2022... You receive an email that looks like it’s from Costco, and it tells you that you’ve been selected to participate in a survey for a chance to win a smart TV from Samsung. The whole email is just an image with a link embedded in it. Click on the image/link, Delta Airlines (2 comments) 11/05/2022... You receive an email that looks like it’s from Delta Airlines, and it tells you that you’ve been selected to participate in a survey for a chance to win a gift card. The whole email is an image with a link embedded in it. Click on the link, and you’ll be
+447734375761 Post Office 11/04/2022... Comment / Review: No order placed or expected wrong notification and Post Office don't deliver parcels. Scam contents: Post Office: Mike has failed to deliver your parcel today. To reschedule a new delivery date visit 11/04/2022... Hello, We received a request to sign in to project-776476458431 using this email address. If you want to sign in with your account, click this link: Sign in to project-776476458431 If you did not request this link, you can safely ignore
+447841698658 GOVUK (1 comment) 11/03/2022... Comment / Review: I got this text again, but with a different number this time. I thought I'd have to report it as well.. Scam contents: GOVUK: You are eligible for a discounted energy bill under The Energy Bills Support Scheme. You can apply here: https://my
+14632740787 EDD ALERT 11/03/2022... I went to the link out of curiosity, as I recently filed for PSLF via the Department of Education. And 20 years ago, I did have a BofA account. At the top right-hand corner of the webpage, the menu (3 lines) would not open. Nor would the links at the bottom of
+19178186168 Arvest bank 11/02/2022... Comment / Review: I received a scam text this morning claiming to be from Arvest Bank and directing me to a website where I must fill out my card's details. . Scam contents: ARVEST BANK: A charge for $640.50 at on your Debit Card was declined. Vis
+61424723825 LKT-Tollaust (5 comments) 10/31/2022... Comment / Review: I don't have a car, so it’s weird to have this bill sent to me.. Scam contents: LKT-Tollaust: A toll trip under your account is marked as unpaid. Please click the following link to make the payment. Walter Monteiro 10/31/2022... Comment / Review: scumm ip from Senegal.. Scam contents: Subject: Hi Good Moring,, Did you received my previous email ? Hello Kindly confirm your email address if still valid by writing back..I have something to discuss with you, I tried to call the n
Ace Hardware (13 comments) 10/30/2022... **The email address that sent me this email has too many characters to fit into the “Fraudulent Email” box on here, so I’ll mention it here:** You receive an email that looks like i 10/30/2022... Text from the phishing attempt i got in german, never requested a password reset also they dont have admin@omc mails also domain ending is com altough Advanzia germany has .de as ending, no online acc password could be requested since i dont have an online acc
+61414211327 Translinkit 10/28/2022... Comment / Review: These scammers are trying to get your personal information and want to steal your money. Do not engage with them.. Scam contents: I received a text message claims to be from It says I have an unpaid toll bill. I am in Post code lottery 10/26/2022... Be careful with these scam emails impersonating people's postcode lottery. Do not provide them with your personal or financial information. Be careful. Read the report made by PPL here: +18886168191 Geek Squad 10/25/2022... The email looks genuine and legit. But since I'm not subscribed to Geek Squad, I didn't call or engage. Most probably, some cybercriminals are trying to deceive people out of their money. +97470991901 10/25/2022... Comment / Review: Seeking deposits to a bank posing as Qatar Energy (Qatar Petroleum). Scam contents: SEEKING DEPOSITS TO A BANK ACCOUNT POSING Mr. Robert Darwish, Vendor Coordinator Group Procurement & Contracts Shared Services Center QatarEnergy-P.O. BOX "Best Of" Award or Patty Bhakta 10/25/2022... Comment / Review: See "scam contents.". Scam contents: An email was received from a "Patty Bhakta" regarding a "Best Of" award that my company apparently was "awarded" and after checking out the website, I suspected a scam, phishing for revenue. +15712236282 Ross M Zielke 10/25/2022... Comment / Review: Falsely claiming to be interested in buying a used caravan that I have for sale.. Scam contents: Thank you pretty much for the swift response I work as A Naval officer and I have a hearing issue due to some gunshot in the past, so sad. I w Magazine Interview / This Time Magazine 10/24/2022... Magazine Interview To: Suzana Thu, Sep 15 at 2:51 PM Hello again . We are happy to be a part of your journey. Many artists have emailed us requesting the hard press copies of their article for friends, family, fans and 10/23/2022... Comment / Review: Prepaid cards or cards with low balances are declined. . Scam contents: Offers free gift you pay only shipping . SUSPECTED SCAM!