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Comment / Reviewasked tina morgan anderson at first if I had to pay anything before getting my money, her answer was No! steve peterson is the expert in bank pay out who is just cheating us.. all the fees he is asking us to pay are already paid by us and we found out that steve is cheating us because he is not paying all the fees to their agency we paid 9x fees.. those are different fees.. the aka CEO made a deal with my husband after we paid the COT fee and if there is still a problem, he will take care of it! but what happened now is that CEO is not processing what he needs to process because he wants us to give 10k pesos again..they know that we have already paid for the processing of my husband's bank details but they are forcing us to give them money!! I hope this reaches any person who wants to invest in AstutePipOptions to be alert!!! We don't know if the CEO and Tina Morgan Anderson are telling the truth or if they are like steve who is a fraud and a scammer!

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