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Scam contentsOffer job, getting paid % in exchange for faux positive reviews for supposedly Amazon products, with idea to help improve stores sales by increasing trust to the stores, giving them positive store and items reviews. The scam is in the "merchant bundle" also called "lucky order". There are 4 VIP levels, each getting different % for their reviews. Also, there are 2 types of items to be reviewed: ordinary (5%-1.2% depends on VIP level) and "lucky order" 10%+ . Getting lucky order gives you illusion of getting paid large amount, but puts your account in negative, due to the order summary amount being larger than the balance you earned by the time. In order to finish reviewing the "lucky order" and get paid for it, you need to restore your negative balance. The balance needs to be recharged from your account and you have to invest your own funds... They say that you can withdraw your balance right away after completing your daily tasks. But...I tryed to withdraw my earnings from yesterday and transaction was rejected. Today, when I got my lucky order and had to put my personal funds $300+ to finish the order I decided to quit and delete my account. I couldn't find "cancel/delete the account" option anywhere. Don't PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL SENSITIVE INFORMATION TO THE SITE!!! There are no cancelation option from the user's side, your info still be in their system.
Comment / ReviewI didn't lose money on the site as i decided to decline their suggestion to put my personal funds. I tried to find how i can delete my account and there is no option to cancel it from the user's side. SCAM SITE!

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    • Kris 06/01/2024 at 07:31 PM

      I got roped into this as well. My "lucky" order came during training; my trainer had to pay out the funds. I told her "I don't have $2,200". Miraculously, she was able to get the account positive so I could process the order. I was told we would be paid at the end of the day. When my time was over and it was time to get paid, she told me to download Telegram. I couldn't activate Telegram because I don't have a cell phone that can receive text messages. We spent the next two hours discussing how I couldn't activate Telegram. Still haven't gotten paid, will be talking to the Attorney General's office in my state on Monday morning.

    • Me 06/02/2024 at 02:51 AM

      Hi! Yes, exactly the same scenario was played for me :) My trainer recharged her training account for $1600, as we got my first lucky order during my training as well. I was told, since it is her account, she is responsible for recharging it. I also was told, that I will receive 20% from the total amount for two sets of tasks for the day. After the training was over, I went to my account. The promised 20% were added to my new profile in the "team earnings for the day" column. My trainer said I can withdraw my daily earnings anytime after both tasks of 30 orders are completed. But at the end of the day, when I tried to withdraw my daily earnings for completed tasks (I even got $20 bonus 😅 for successful completion of the first day orders), the system rejected my withdraw... Next day when I got another lucky order and had to recharge the account with my personal funds, I told them that I won't be putting in not even 1 cent into their scam...

      I also was told to add Telegram to my account, for communications with "my dedicated CS". During the second day, "my dedicated CS" was responsible to help me to restart tasks, recharge account...
      Nicely planned SCAM.

      I hope you didn't lose any personal funds!

    • Kittykaty 06/21/2024 at 07:08 AM

      I Was roped into this same scam However they must have not had it together. I made $200 first day. When i went to wothdraw i was told i should leave $100 to optimize next days tasks. I did. Next morning i was paid the $100 "daily salary" and had $200 again. I continue into the next set of orders and get a "lucky order" that snatched the $200 + in my account and wanted me to pay $317 out of pocket. I said no way. A message I received said "you withdrew $96 yesterday!! you would have had less to add had you not. Lol so glad i got something out of it. There are two others just like it as far as i know. Aliexpressnus & one umbrella however they're set up so you cant make $100 they want you to add to make it $100 then complete another set that will surely get your money taken

    • T. Miguel 06/21/2024 at 05:47 PM

      I just lost $2,000. It's a scam for sure
      now it's

    • Kittykaty 06/22/2024 at 12:12 PM

      How did you lose it

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