Investment scam
+14692151086 Mr Richard

PseudonymMr Richard
Telephone+1 469-215-1086 (ou 0014692151086)
Scam contentsFraud Company: TEDEFI
I am writing you because some scammers has stolen my money using a rug pull that happened on Sunday, 2 February 2024.
The emergency is to freeze their funds before they manage to send it to another blockchain or else.

Project name: Tedefi
Project Token: Tefi
Application used to implement the fraud: Telegram (@tedefibot)
Project objective: providing a way to exchange and to send cryptocurrencies via usernames via a telegram chat with a bot.

They will probably strike again making a new number of victims.

My tedefi two wallets addresses to which I sent my funds (BNB) from my Binance account:

They stole me more than 68k USD just from me!! I have basically lost the better piece of my theories until I finally found Mr Richard, reach out to him via +1 4692151086 on whatsapp, his the best btc asset recovery agent with legitimate plans and they have completely helped me with fostering some advantage which led to getting back what I lose.
Comment / ReviewThis is likely another recovery scam. It describes a rug pull by the TEDEFI project and then promotes "Mr Richard" as a recovery agent. Be very cautious of such claims, as they often exploit victims further by requesting personal information or payment upfront.

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