Investment scam +15207806503 Recovery Wizard

PseudonymRecovery Wizard
Telephone+1 520-780-6503 (ou 0015207806503) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsI am posting this review here because I want to be of help to everyone out there, after going through a lot to recover my bitcoin even though many people told me it’s impossible.
If you have lost your bitcoin as a result of investing in binary options, trading platforms, your account was hacked or other bitcoin related scams, then You’re not alone. (I lost over ($30,000 to skyrockettrade)
Being a scam victim myself, I tried several means to recover my funds all to no avail, till I came across a cyber crime and recovery expert’s address online
WhatsApp;+1 520-780-6503 . He literally saved my life, all i lost to these fake investors skyrockettrade was recouped in just a few days (a total of 3.7721 BTC), send a message to the contact above if you’ve been in such situations and you are seeking recovery, go get yourself the help you need contact
WhatsApp;+1 520-780-6503
Comment / ReviewThis screams scam. They claim to recover lost bitcoins from binary options or fraudulent trading platforms. It's a common trick by scammers: they target victims who have already been scammed, promising to recover their money but it's just another scam to steal more.

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