Investment scam +447753826987 Jonathan Miles

PseudonymJonathan Miles
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Telephone+44 7753 826987 (ou 00447753826987) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsThey scammed AU$850 out of me, ringing me to teach me how to do trades on their portal site and it looked like I was making money, however as soon as I wanted my money back he became angry and then stopped all communication. Now I have lost my money.
Comment / ReviewI saw an instagram post with Dick Smith telling Aussies to jump onto this awesome AI trading diet with AU$350 and it referenced Elon Musk as well. So it looked trustworthy. So I did it. It all seemed professional and I could hear other voices in background, like it was a call centre. He kept making appointments with me a few times a week to show me how to trade crypto currency on their platform which looked to be rifling and I was making some profit. Then I invested another $500 so I could see more results. Then I realised it could be a scam as their website didn’t go anywhere and he never asked security questions or anything and asked to communicate on WhatsApp! So I have that number, above. Then I asked for my money back and then he went quiet and I’ve not heard from him for weeks. I have an Aust number +61 3 8383 4484 and his mobile number.

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