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PseudonymJoan Julia
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Scam contentsNow, if you upgrade to T4-T9 level, you will not only get bonuses but also an additional work account. If you upgrade to T4-T9, you can also get the anniversary gift package, which will be counted on May 6 and distributed on May 15!
T4 will receive 86,000 NGN anniversary gift package;
T5 will receive 241,000 NGN anniversary gift package;
T6 will receive 528,000 NGN anniversary gift package;
T7 will receive 1,760,000 NGN anniversary gift package;
T8 will receive 3,240,000 NGN anniversary gift package;
T9 will receive 8,000,000 NGN anniversary gift package.
Comment / ReviewThousands of people are currently in pain following the fraud this website owner is currently doing. After asking people to pay thousands of money(supposed registration fee) to work for them remotely, they refused to send people's money to them as promised, giving them 1 hour to pay another huge amount of money to release their payments or have their money withheld. I have these victims' contacts in case you want to confirm from them or better still get more information. The website owner( manager goes by the name, Joan Julia, she uses another profile by the name, Samantha (PA). The website name is Bitlike.
They're currently using false pictures not belonging to them to scam people. Please help victims

Everyday, they steal millions of thousands from both old and new victims.

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