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+14338817773 Monna 💋 (from London, UK) a group of scammers toong on WhatsApp

PseudonymMonna 💋 (from London, UK) a group of scammers toong on WhatsApp
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Telephone+1 433-881-7773 (ou 0014338817773) (more info)
Scam contentsRecruiting people claiming it is a job,marketing and boosting online merchandise sales reviews for Boscov's&Partner as well as
Jean Coutu&Partner (likely more &Partner business names). Monna used many domain names and also used reputable business's names and added &Partner to the names for 'hiring' purposes on WhatsApp. Trust Pilot has some reviews written by some of the people that were scammed on the Boscov's website out of thousands of dollars. I too was scammed for approx $17,000.00+ CAD dollars and worked long hours for over 2 months without any commission pay, salary and bonuses as claimed by the scammer
I left comments in the Detector App as well. LBank and KOHO was used to conduct this scam due to making money conversions, e-transfers of Canadian funds to BTC, then USDT which was to pay to boost these false reviews.
Other URL's used to scam recruits
Likely many other URL's as there was a group of scammers acting as trainers for the hiring manager (Elena) from Boscov's

  • I have many more pics in my WhatsApp
  • Pic from the Boscov's website by one of the recruits who was also scammed out of money
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