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Scam contentsWestfield is an internationally renowned consulting firm specializing in corporate restructuring and financial advisory. Our main focus is to help merchants improve word of mouth and sales of products and the authenticity of data to attract more customers. Shop online and thus generate more profits while we earn a salary!
No matter where you are, this work can be done on your mobile phone This work only takes about 20-60 minutes a day to complete, the work time can be arranged by yourself. It won't affect your full-time job at all.
The company will provide us with a platform to do our work, and the system will distribute 38 order tasks, with a commission for each order completed. The work trial period is 5 days, and the platform will pay you an additional 500USDT. After you are officially hired, you can get 3000USDT for one month's work, and you will get an additional commission for completing orders every day. I will teach you how to start working in this company. By the way, do you have any experience in online shopping?
Comment / ReviewI got a job offer from them and started right away. They asked me to register an account to the link they gave me. They even joined me in a team probably over 20 but only 3 or 4 are active. The job is to do a fake review of each products. On the 1st day, i was able to earn a commission. On the 2nd day, i manage to withdraw 100usd. On the 3rd day, that's where the tricky part. They said that to be able to get a big commission you should get a merged products that's where you have to pay the products to be able to get rid of the negative balance so you can move forward and finish the task. They said that the money you put in plus the commission can be withdrawn right away. The merged products are becoming higher and higher until you won't have enough money left. But no one in the team will help you. They will only suggest to source for funds or borrow. This is a big SCAM.

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