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Scam contentsCrypto signals
A-29 Andrea
Comment / ReviewThey get you signed up at ctallcrypto and Andrea calls the signals Ctall crypto handles the trades Caroline is the associate that handles the sign up and give guidance on what vand how to do .
First time the trade did not go through so she said come back tomorrow and I'll lead you through I have entire conversation I guess a screenshot would help.
But I detached something wrong using Ctall you look up the coin to trade you then have make the call Long/Short
Then set % of account
And leverage well first three times I could not get it to work and settings kept changing
Well lastime it went through but setting change again 200 Leverage I clearly set 50 % a drop down and it has 25,50,100, 200
The leverage I asked why does it stay on 200 she said it doesn't I didn't enter secunce properly I mean she gave me pictures how can you miss my trade went on and shut right off and all my money gone she made 45,000.00 I told you to set it on 50 I did set it on 50 and besides going in right direction at 200 gives me on hell of a win she said no it does not it changed the odds and the signal said 50. I well it doesn't matter my money is gone and I'm done.
See you next week when I have more money then I go the the call site and several people just Molly as hell 150.000 100, 000 and a 156% gain but these people are 10,000 to 100, 000 dollar trades and I trying to figure out why my little 359. 00 seemed to the a problem.

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    • Cub 04/05/2024 at 11:11 PM

      I've had the same problem the numbers changed from 50 to 200 and that was because everytime i went to the page where I was getting instructions it would start the sequence over again thus needing to redo the sequence before buying or selling

    • fieldo 04/06/2024 at 08:27 PM

      I have no such problem, the mistake is caused by you, the moment you identify and choose the coin to trade and you also choose the multiplier 50%, asset ratio 50%, do not allow the page to refresh before you choose to buy or sell. if you allow it to refresh the multiplier will automatically go back to 200%.

      so learn to be observant, be calm while you are fast, else you might learn in a hard way.

      If you follow the correct signal given to you, am 100% sure you have noting to loose, but rather you always have something to gain.

    • noname 05/08/2024 at 12:51 PM

      Not only are they manipulating the trades. The system is designed to glitch in many ways. The close button will vanish or not register a click, some trades that show in profit may not actually earn any money on the trade (they will blame this on you also, something you did wrong) and worse of all, they control if they want to let you withdraw. Many people arent able to.

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