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Scam contentsDear, you've got a 23x commission commercial ads orders the commission of the normal task order earnings.

You now need a deposit of 552.03 GBP to complete this negative account and you will get 113.43 GBP commission
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      • Orion_1231072 03/18/2024 at 03:09 AM

        Well this are really cons
        Stay a way

      • Orion_1231379 03/18/2024 at 04:33 PM

        Lost 2000£ and they keep asking to deposit another 4.258£ so I can withdraw 7.500£
        Fake accounts they take advantage of people's
        Don't trust this website or telegram groups

      • Report #755040 04/06/2024 at 12:04 PM

        I was recruited by Sophie and she taught me how the Hotel ads comes with a commission and every reset has an extra income. We used wise bank for the transfers and they use a different email everytime.
        At first, I received the few resets and it actually went to my account. I kept doing it until I get to a point that I'm getting this 9x commercial ads upto 20x, but it got to a point that the commissions are getting higher and higher that I couldn't afford. Please if you could help me atleast get some of my money back? I've used all my overdraft, credit card and savings.

        Fraudulent email :
        Pseudonym : Sophie
        Telephone : +447309754219

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