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Scam contentsA fraudulent website impersonating the United States Government and duping people out of their money.
Comment / ReviewThe website claims to offer passport renewals and other passport-related services; however, they're fraudsters.These people are stealing citizens' personal and confidential information along with their money.
Be cautious and do not give them your personal information.

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    • Judge Dredd 04/18/2023 at 04:41 PM

      A fraudulent website claiming to offer passport renewals and other passport-related services has been reported to be impersonating the United States Government and scamming people out of their money. The site appears to be stealing citizens' personal and confidential information along with their money. Users are warned to exercise caution and not provide their personal information to this website.

      Several individuals have shared their experiences with the website, expressing concerns about identity theft after entering their Social Security Number, address, and other private information on the site. In response to these concerns, a government resource for identity theft protection was recommended by another user.

      One person realized the website was not a government site after starting the application process and closed the page after entering their information. As a precaution, they filed an identity theft report. Another user was worried about their child's information being collected by the scammers after entering the details and proceeding to the "pay" section, where they realized the site was a scam.... Read more

    • Frank 02/02/2023 at 01:12 PM

      I started the application and entered my SSN, address and other private info. What can I do to protect my identity? Thanks

    • Roy 02/27/2023 at 02:52 PM

      I realized after starting the application process that this was not the government website. I closed the page after typing in my info. I filed an identity theft report just in case they attempt to misuse my information.

    • Cesar 03/03/2023 at 02:46 PM

      My wife entered my kid's information ssn etc on their first page, then pressed "next" and when she got to the "pay" section she realized this page was a scam so she pressed back to get to the first page and then closed the internet window. Does anyone know if the scammers were able to collect my kids information?

    • Mike 03/18/2023 at 10:41 PM

      I just used them, pretty sure they stole a whole bunch of information... I feel rather dumb.. oh well notified all credit reporting agencies. Did a 1 year alert will probably change it to 7

    • Beff 04/05/2023 at 05:56 PM

      I was filling out the form and got as far as parent information before I realized these questions were not standard on passport renewals and was so mad at myself for falling for a scam site. I was in such a hurry and just wasn't paying attention. Thankfully I did not submit any information, but any insights on if this site was monitoring keystrokes and already has all my information?

    • Debbie 04/28/2023 at 03:03 PM

      What do if I already submitted the form and now I realize it was a fraud?

    • Rob 04/30/2023 at 05:43 PM

      I actually don't think this is a scam site. I think it's a horrendously poorly designed and completely deceptive middle man business that aims to make completing these forms easier. After I completed the form, paid the fee and printed out the materials, I realized that I still had to print my forms out, and send them in with an additional payment to the state department. I contacted the company immediately. I received a response from customer service pretty quickly saying they would refund all my money. Given that the product actually does work and they integrate with the postal service and they use an enterprise customer service management tool for handling inquiries, I do believe they are actually attempting to be a legitimate business.... Read more

      • JB23 05/20/2023 at 02:25 PM

        Did you actually get a refund?

      • JB23 05/20/2023 at 02:44 PM

        And how did you contact them?

        The only contact information is shielded through a Registrar account:
        Technical contact
        State: WA
        Name: Whois Agent
        City: Kirkland
        Phone: +1.4252740657
        Organization: Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
        Postal code: 98083
        Address: PO Box 639 C/O
        Country: US
        Fax: +1.4259744730
        State: WA
        Name: Whois Agent (935327183)
        City: Kirkland
        Phone: +1.4252740657
        Organization: Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
        Postal code: 98083
        Address: PO Box 639 C/O
        Country: US
        Fax: +1.4259744730

      • robmagnuss 05/20/2023 at 06:15 PM

        I contacted them right after it happened using the following link:
        My card was actually never completely charged (still hasn't been - I've been checking). I imagine they do batch payments or the payment was only pending before it was removed by the company. When I completed the Contact Us form above, I expressed that I was pretty frustrated and they responded within 24 hrs saying they would refund the payment. I received a system-generated confirmation email as well. Again - I really think this is a poorly designed, deceptive/unethical user experience created by an actual, legally run company - and not a scam.

    • Burned once 05/17/2023 at 01:36 PM

      I can't believe, in my rush to renew my passport, I fell for this. Thankfully my bank, WF, sent an immediate Possible Fraud Alert which made me curious.

      After canceling my card & filing a claim I went back to the website where I then saw the statement below in very tiny font at the bottom of the page.
      "We are an optional third party service not affiliated with the U.S. Government. Legal advice is not provided or gained through this website. The service provided by this website is optional, and not mandatory. A fee is charged for the services provided."
      © Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

    • Keep alert 05/18/2023 at 03:21 AM

      I did the same mistake. Shame on you Google for putting this scammer website as the first result from a search of "passport renew". I became alert when I was at the payment page and quit the process. Like other people, I have my credit reports freezed at the three major credit bureaus and also added a credit alert for one year (renewable). Following others' suggestion, I filed a complaint at FTC. Today, I notice that this scammer website is no longer in the google search result. I guess the government took an immediate action to urge Google not to make such ad money. Thank you Uncle Sam. Hope that the government would also force this scammer to permanently delete all personal info we have pitifully entered. Figure crossed.

      • Susan A 05/20/2023 at 05:43 PM

        Definitely agree. I did the same thing. First website that popped up and stupid me didn't think about renewing through US government since this is my first time renewing. I've put a freeze on my accounts but unfortunately accepted the scam call from my credit card and have to file a dispute once it hits my accounts. Google needs to do better....

    • ID10T 05/25/2023 at 08:11 PM

      I filled it out…tried to submit…would not submit.
      So I googled for issues and came across this.
      I thought it was a government affiliated site.
      I filled out the government form right afterwards.

    • K-Friez 05/26/2023 at 05:17 PM

      I was entering my information and then my phone froze. I never completed the purchase, does anyone know if they will have my information since I typed it in? And, has anyone had issues with identity theft since using this website? Again, I never completed it and made the purchase, Im just paranoid now


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