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Scam contentsPerson will randomly reach out to you via text and ask to connect on WhatsApp. Once you start a conversation on WhatsApp, they say they have a job for you with salary and benefits including:

- Base salary $3,500-3,800, 5 days a week, about 10-30 minutes a day, and you can earn up to an additional $200 for completing tasks

They claim to work for the global travel e-commerce company, Yotel. The "job" they are offering is to optimize hotel data for users.

They send you a link and say it's their "workbench" where you are supposed to use your phone to complete "tasks". They have you sign in to a "training account" and practice tasks. The task is literally just clicking a single button repeatedly. That some how earns you a commission. They say that since they are a global company they pay in crypto currency (Etherium or USDT). However, the "accounts" on the profile are listed as USD. When I asked them how we get the money, they said that the employee must set up a crypto wallet on their phone to send their commission to on payday. Supposedly, employees get paid on the fifth day of work.

The website is very poorly made. It's designed only to be ran on mobile devices.

The name of the person trying to reach out to me was "Emily".
Comment / ReviewI suspected it was a scam right away but I played along so I could get a glimpse of how they run their operation. It appears exactly like the other "optimization" scams I've seen listed on Scam Watcher.

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      • ClearSky123 03/05/2024 at 08:40 PM

        I also received their messages...exactly as what you described.

      • ASoroka3 03/09/2024 at 11:27 AM

        I played along and created a crypto wallet on a 2nd device. I withdrew my "commision" from my first set of tasks and got a free $60 for crypto, sold the ETH for $61, withdrew the $ and closed the wallet. Thanks for the tank of gas.

        I knew itbwas a scam but love when they give free $$.

        You can go throigh the first steps and get some $$ but dont send them anything in return, that how they get you.

      • Mousey 05/16/2024 at 03:26 PM

        I received this same thing from someone named Abigail who tried to get me to choose what account I wanted to use for the cryptocurrency her number is 414 3172336 I was on WhatsApp from 11 am until 3:15 pm training and took so many screenshots of everything. I wonder about what's up with the app too many scams coming up on it.

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