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and you will be able to start earning $3 per hour by watching videos.
Comment / ReviewNo matter who recommended that you sign up here, whether it's a family member, a friend, or a random WhatsApp text, you should not sign up for this as this is just another job scam.
In short, The scammers behind it send out random texts posing as HR/Recruitment officers of famous companies. They'll offer you a super easy-to-do position with unrealistic pay.
You'll end up getting redirected to a "task hall" platform where you'll be subjected to social engineering to keep you hooked.
Although at first you may be able to make some money off of these types of sites soon after they'll get you to reinvest your newly earned funds into these "higher paying tasks".
Eventually, they'll pull the rug and leave you and the people that you've referred to this site without a dime.
Steer clear as no legitimate company would approach you like this, they wouldn't ask u to download Telegram and they would hold a full-on video interview.

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