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Scam contentsInvest in XTZ/USDT futures on Pig butchering scam.
Comment / ReviewI was contacted by Wendy via messaging and then WhatsApp. She said we met a few years ago and I had helped her with directions and gave her my number in case she ran into any problems. This sounded very familiar. We spent two weeks communicating daily and exchanging pictures. Mostly gym selfie pictures and food pictures. She said she worked at for her uncle. She lived and worked in Vancouver Canada. Then she started telling me about how through her work they are contracted to do the network security for and she noticed some odd accounts. Where “Big Capitalist” where logging in at buying futures in mass for XTZ/USDT and artificially inflating the price then closing and collecting the profits. Her and her uncle decided to create an account and monitor the “Big Capitalist” accounts and follow their actions. She did this for several days sharing with me the screen prints of their accounts and increasing profits. Then one day she asked if I was interested in trying it. I decided to try it with a small amount but it was difficult to transfer fund to Taurusq directly. Eventually I was able to transfer $2000 worth of ETH from my Kraken account directly to Taurusq. I traded for week and doubled my money. Wendy started pressuring me to invest more as their contract with Taurusq was coming to an end. I was trying to do more research with Taursq and noticed a post on that said the website was fake and someone lost money. This came at good time as I was making plans to transfer $10,000. So I told Wendy I wanted to do a withdrawal to make sure I knew how to get my money out. I communicated I would only withdrawal $20. She showed me the steps necessary to do the Withdrawal. Instead of $20 I withdrew my original investment of $2000. To my surprise it went through. The funds posted to my Kraken account. I started scrutinizing our communications then I noticed something in our WeChat history. She had send me a picture of Vancouver on a day it was snowing. However, it wasn’t Vancouver. I recognized the street as in Calgary Canada which is over 600 miles away. I could see the base of the Bow Skyscraper in the picture and the unique sculptures near it’s base. I asked her if she was near Calgary and she said no. I then started to scrutinize some of her other pictures especially the gym pictures. She always described the weather as raining and cloudy. Some of her gym pictures were near a window and it looked sunny outside. And then I noticed palm trees in some pictures. Although there are a few palm trees in Vancouver, that is the only tree in any of the pictures she is in. Then I attempted to withdraw my profits from Taurusq and the withdrawal failed and my account was locked. No reason was provided for the failure. I reached out to Taurusq online chat help and their email support asking why the withdrawal failed and why my account was locked and have not yet received a response. Nancy seemed agitated in our messaging communication and I told her what happened. She said she was disappointed in me and blocked further communication on WeChat. I feel good I didn’t lose any money and want to warn others and thank the person who posted about on It was a very elaborate. We spoke a lot about family, shared experiences and problems and she even gave me life advice. Also had a lot of live telephone call conversations. One time she called via facetime. And every once in a while she was pushing me to invest. It was a very elaborate scheme. And that’s my story.

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