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Scam contentsThere was an Ad on instagram for a work position on Vinted managed by company Feedmob. When I pressed it I got linked to whatsapp chat and after a few messages received from a lady named Molly (London, UK) on this app I got an suggestion to move our conversation to Telegram. The job was super easy and after all, even when I said that I do not think so that I am required for the job. I gave it a go and started to do “tasking” job with what they are calling training course of 1hour lenght. Even I put my money in it…It was happening so fast, did not even thought to check online about the company and job position. Just be careful on these easy online job offers!
Comment / ReviewPlease be careful with easy money earning online job offers.

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      • Rachel Ploegman - FeedMob HRBP 11/20/2023 at 02:49 PM

        Hello, thank you for reaching out regarding this scam. FeedMob Inc has investigated this matter, and found this scammer is fraudulently using FeedMob's logo and company information. We can confirm the activity and outreach you mentioned IS NOT associated with FeedMob Inc, and I regret to inform you that any offers or communication you received were not legitimate.

        FeedMob is not engaged in recruiting or contracting through any social media channels, nor are we affiliated with the website '' or any related content as provided to you. We are taking steps to address this issue, and sincerely appreciate your diligence in verifying the information you were provided. Please flag any platforms you used to communicate with this individual on for fraud (we've opened a case with Telegram and WhatsApp), and let me know if there is anything else we may assist with.

        - Rachel, FeedMob HRBP

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