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Scam contentsI responded to an add for freelance work. I received a WhatsApp message from +1 (815) 296-6428 from regional recruitment saying that someone will contact me . Got a message from some called Blake +44 7931 644581 my mentor who shiwed me how to do the data driving and put the deposit in. He explained it was a data driving job click to submit product data. Initial during the training session he started me off with his funds. You need to deposit 50 usdt to drive first set of 40 items and 100usdt for second set. The higher the deposit themore comission you get. A product picture, total price and commission shows up on screen. The price of the product and commission are deducted and credited after each click. However if the value of the product is greater than your balance you go into negative balance. You then have add into the account to clear the deficit. Then carry on clicking until you get stuck again or finish your set. You can withdraw your funds by asking and getting approval from customers service. The account gets reset yo continue onto next dataset of 40 items. If you cannot clear the deficit then you have lost all your money! I put in £2176. I am stuck as I need to.put in £5632 to clear the deficit. I am on 39/40. I put in funds 3 times yesterday yo clear the deficit. I am stillborn encouraged to fund the funds to clear the deficit. I am in conversation with another student who has put in £4000. She needs to put in another £7000 to clear her deficit but she is on 32/40 items. I has to put mist of my large amount 780 and £1350 after item 30/40. I have screenshot of the conversations etc.
Comment / ReviewI have sent the following message but not had any response so far. Hi, I don't have the funds and cannot raise the money. Since I have not bought anything or signed anything , I am entitled to all my the money back. Please return all my funds as soon as possible. I would like to inform you that I will be taking this matter further if I do not receive all my funds back.

  • Options on app
  • Shows product value and commission earned from clicking on it
  • Shows the negative value that need to be paid to finish off for the and have option to withdraw after its agreed with customer service
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      • Indi9988 11/14/2023 at 12:47 PM

        Please do not fall for this !

      • Report #711721 11/19/2023 at 01:09 PM

        Rivery is a big scam enticing people through frontmen/women to deposit cryptos (USDTs) and get commission. To withdraw deposits, more and more cryptos are demanded until everything is lost - some people have even taken loans - but more is less. Deposits are locked and users are scammed. Many people are stuck -6K, -10K and even more. Be aware of these sick. And then some people try running to recovery agents of crypto currency who charge more and slip away (fsqsecuirty, normantech - they are all scammers as well).

        Following numbers are currently being used to attract people (they may change once they appear here):








        They are using following platforms:

        Pseudonym : Jonathan, Annie, David, Mariana, Alex, Monica
        Telephone : +447496642443

      • nhdhfkjodlf 11/19/2023 at 04:30 PM

        They are running whatsapp groups like this. They are using these images - though the images may be fake as they must be impersonating. Avoid them.

      • Kate1604 12/06/2023 at 01:20 PM

        The same has just happened to me. Same amount of money, I was trained my the same person and I'm in the same WhatsApp group according to the pictures you posted. Could you get your money back? If yes, how did you do? I have invested 2100, and I now have to pay 5500 for the last item.

      • Indi9988 12/06/2023 at 01:45 PM

        Same here. I put in around 2000 and have to put in 5632. The kast message i received was sbout 60 % off for thise with outstanding balances. So i would have to pay £2252.80. No chance. I have the money but I am not chancing it. I do not wish to loose it all. I am on 39/40 so have only 1 item.

        • Sxjm 01/29/2024 at 05:56 AM

          The same thing happens to me i spend usdts value for around 9k pounds …did you get back your money?

        • Kate1604 01/29/2024 at 06:23 AM

          I haven t found a way to get my money back. Costumer service wants me to pay 5500usdt for the item and then according to them i csn withdraw all my money. (I have the money but i am sure it wont end there). This Blake is not willing to help. I tried 3 or 4 recovery agencies and they are all scams trying to steal more money. If someone found a way please let me know.

        • Sxjm 01/29/2024 at 10:30 AM

          Actually this blake is the one who contacted me as well and she trained me everything i tottally lost 9k pounds not usdts that day i got merge four times first three times i spend 6k for the 39 product that time i thought it was my last one but i got one large merge again at 40 set its arround 17688 usdts
          i begged to her and she said she will help me with 14 k if u can arrange 3 k i believed her and again deposit 3 k at that time she deposit 5 k more to my account to make me believe and after that no reply still some times she txting me that how much you have at the moment ? I said i have nothing left now my balance become 8788 and i dont believe them anymore if i deposit more definetlt i will lost that money also

      • Indi9988 01/30/2024 at 12:50 PM

        Just quit. I have written my money off. I have deleted all whatsapp groups etc. Its a con, scam . PERIOD !

      • LydieN-Ebene 05/24/2024 at 02:10 PM

        I have been scammed too. Blake is a very bad man.
        I lost £1900 . Do someone knows how to get back

        that fund?

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