Job Scam +447501042008 Grace/ Edward/ Rhonda/ Anger

PseudonymGrace/ Edward/ Rhonda/ Anger
Url / Website
Telephone+44 7501 042008 (ou 00447501042008) (more info)
Scam contentsTrying to get my information to sell it or hack my account I guess. I tried informing WhatsApp to remove the ‘business accounts’ but no word form them yet.
Comment / ReviewI was searching for remote work. I was told by ‘Grace’ on the stellar match pro website that it was a job reviewing products and doing surveys. So I added my details (name, email, mobile and age). Then they contacted me on WhatsApp and ‘Edward’ said I’d be don’t aged by the HR of the company that the job was for. I was a bit suss but then knew I’d been had when Edward changed his name to Rhonda Gibson on the WhatsApp business page using ‪+44 7501 042008‬
Then the next day (today) I got a WhatsApp from ‘Anger’ HR head for CDiscount saying

‘I am Anger, the human resources manager at Cdiscount department store in France. My recruiting assistant told me that you need a job at our company.’
Phone number used: ‪+44 7753 837720‬

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