Job Scam
+447453494116 Noah

Telephone+44 7453 494116 (ou 00447453494116)
Scam contentsFirst they call themself recruiter from MeeDerby ( whatsapp: +18382356721) approached your whatsapp. Even you do not make.any contact for job whatsoever! Then come a diguise person as a N6 Digital trainer, this person asked victims to open digital wallet, operate an app on here you must deposite 100usd (usdt) to start rating/downloading... 40 apps. In the day you have 3 sets of this to do. There are times the process pause, which you cannot do anaything except deposit your money to balance so call negative because of combo tasks. This balance deposit increased tremendously and you lost because you do not want to loose your money that had already deposited!
Comment / ReviewPlease dissiminate this report as broad as far as you could! They are an organized scam gang. They have victims everywhere. In this difficult time everyone looks for additional income therefore we falled into their ugly hands.
They have used everal +44 and +81, but their physical location is around Singapore/Asia....i have exported whole whatsapp chats, hundred of txt pages.

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