Job Scam +27784531341 Uses differing legit companies names

PseudonymUses differing legit companies names
Url / Website
Telephone+27 78 453 1341 (ou 0027784531341)
Scam contentsOur company urgently needs the following people to start working ASAP in Saldana bay
General workers all types
send CV or emails to make it attention
please send your CV to his Whatsapp he asks his number is 078 453 1341
Comment / ReviewThis person Andries De Langer (don’t believe to be the correct mane) using the cell number 078 453 1341 and uses company names of other legit companies as his watsapp profile picture to scammer people looking for work by offering job posts with wonderful benefits and when people reply he tells them they need to pay him between R450 and R650 for a medical. He give his capitec account using the name and details of
ACC :2096580109
BRANCH :470010
CAPITEC BANKand tells the people they have to pay the money first then he will arrange a medical if the person says they have a medical he tells them the medical is in valid because it needs his company name on the medical. Once you pay the money he blocks you. He has caught many people this way. This is a very very terrible man and he is ruining lives as far as he goes be has been active for months. I have groups where I help people find legitimate work at no cost involved. He found his way onto one of my groups using a legitimate laborer companies name and before he was discovered had scammed a number of people out of money once he was discovered he changed his profile picture to another company’s info now called ITC Construction. He also uses the email address He even changes his name he is very crafty and conniving. He also goes under the name Cobus and cell number 071 757 0946
Here are links to some of his scams;

This mane is taking money from people that have nothing sometime these people have not eaten for day he gives false hope and is destroying live because these people go through hell trying to raise the money for a job that does not exist.

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